Changing Your Life

Dialogue with a former HSE student.

Changing Your Life

Higher education is defining and influential period of life. From the very beginning to the end you transform as a person and form as a specialist. But sometimes students understand that their learning doesn’t match with their interests and wishes.

We discussed such case with person who changed his learning program. From economy to opera singing. He told us about his experience, feelings and gave advice for those, who feel the same.

Dmitry Boos studied in International College of Economics and Finance in HSE. But a few years ago he started the course of Classical singing in the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. So here is HSE ILLUMATED interview with him.

Hello! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Boos Dmitry. I studied at ICEF BSc Programme in HSE, but changed my decision and afterwards graduated “Academic operatic singing” in Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. Going ahead of your questions: I was practicing operatic singing since my childhood. So this decision wasn’t accidental.

So you have changed you Bachelor's program. You have chosen very different and bold path. First of all: don’t you regret it?

Absolutely not. As long as I remember - singing was something bigger than a common hobby. When I was choosing university, I was already thinking about professional opera career. Then I have chosen economic education. But now I’m sure: my heart is in great need of art, but not mathematics. And honestly speaking, ICES was too theoretical for my activities and interests.

When did you understand, that you need to change your learning specialization?

During the first year of studying, I realized that I was in the wrong place. I love math and economics. I was good at math during my school period. But when I passed to the next stage, my interest gave way to resistance and doubts. Many students may understand me. I was learning for 3 years in HSE. And I left with just 4 sessions away from diploma. So, sometimes it is better to listen for yourself and find some bravery. Because the cost of this resistance might be quite high.

Did you face fear or responsibility for you decision?

Not at all. I mean my attitude to singing.

Was it hard to change your learning process? I guess there is a huge difference between these two programs.

I had to start from the very beginning, but I guess there were no special challenges during my studies in RSA. I should say that if you choose such learning program, your self-awareness in study process is very different to common.

Could you please give an advice to students, who face the same situation during their learning?

I would like to sum up my advice in short and clear sentence. If one feels he or she does not the heart demands, then don’t be afraid of changes.

As you can see there are lots of different stories and weaves of life. Dmitry’s story shows that sometimes such weaves might be hardly desirable, doubtful and still positive. In these moment person can be suppressed. Such example shows that these moments are something, everybody can handle with. We truly hope that person who read this article find his or her own way and mission.

Interview by
Georgy Yakovlev