PE Classes Online

Interview with Daria Maksimovna Belorukova, PE teacher of HSE SPb.

PE Classes Online

In the era of our staying at home, we all need more movement to at least somehow replenish the usual rhythm of life. Our excellent physical education teacher Daria Maksimovna Belorukova in her Instagram profile records video training for students, based on the most improvised means at home to be used while exercising.

We talked with Daria Maximovna about what we need to do now at home and how she deals with quarantine.

What physical classes do you usually teach in HSE and for how long?

I have been working at Higher School of Economics since January 2016. I teach physical education in the format of fitness, conduct various strength classes, step, and stretching. In the future I want to finish the courses on zumba and begin to conduct it.

How did you get the idea to record workout videos for students?

I recorded training sessions before quarantine, but more often, ligaments on the step platform. It is pleasant after some time to recall what beautiful bundles turned out, what modifications they had, to see the happy faces of the students. I wanted to record both strength training and stretching back then, but there wasn’t enough time. And now there is plenty of it, and video training is now needed more than it was.

How do you deal with quarantine at all? What does your day look like?

During quarantine, I began to get enough sleep, began to see my husband more often and spend more time with my swine. I also redirected my energy to online training, to creating an online platform with my workouts, to videos with Instagram workouts for my students and everyone, sometimes I conduct online workouts. The quarantine made me leave my comfort zone, now I often touch my laptop, phone and various programs, which I really don’t like (it takes a lot of energy and nerves), but this is progress, that’s why the future is behind and I’m glad that I overcame myself in this matter. If we are speaking about drawbacks - I miss work, the exchange of energy with my wards, drive, music, I miss long walks on the street in the park on weekends. But I am sure that all this is only a temporary phenomenon and it is better to concentrate on the pros, because it’s easier to live like that.

Can you give some advice to our students during quarantine?

Focus on the good points. In everything, if you wish, you can find the pros and, first of all, you need it yourself, for your harmony and tranquility, for inner balance and happiness. Now is the time when you can and should think - "What do I want to do?" “What pleases me?”, “Am I going in the right direction?”, “What makes me happy?”, “Where do I bring the maximum benefit?” Now is the time when we can really get to know ourselves, when we can be with family people, get closer to them even more. It is time for those things that we always put off, thinking that they were not the main ones. Read all the books you like, study languages ​​or other areas of interest to you online, be on the move, because the quarantine will definitely end and it depends only on us what we will be when it happens. Another of the useful tips and what helps me personally. Make a notebook (diary), where write all the things that should be done in a day. It’s easier to organize yourself in a confined space, although it’s easier to organize yourself in any conditions, but now it’s especially necessary not to spend all the time in the kitchen or in bed, to spend time productively.

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Interview by
Julia Morozova