Useful Everyday Habits

Anna Bogun came up with 5 habits you should try.

Useful Everyday Habits

Usually, while making a plan for the coming year, we dream of incredible transformations for ourselves, make promises, and then quickly become disappointed in our plan. In such cases, don’t give up, you just sort your grandiose accomplishments into a series of small tasks. After all, the main secret of any achievement is to start with small steps.

I will tell you about five good habits, including which in your routine, you will improve your quality of life.

1. Trying something new. A new one can mean anything: from listening to a genre of music that you have never heard of before, to pottery. Subsequently, this can become a full-fledged hobby, and this is a great way to do business and enjoy the process. In addition to the fact that the psyche needs leisure, a hobby also helps to look up from a screen. In the end, when in December 2020 you will summarize the results of the year on Instagram, you can tell that you tried, or maybe even learned something.

2. Doing exercises. As you know, a great result is achieved by small efforts, and the path to a healthy and athletic body can be started with this. Not all of us have the opportunity to work out in the gym for several hours a day, but everyone should devote 20-30 minutes a day to take care of their health. It will pay off in a month, and at the end of the year you will feel healthy and strong, and say «thank you, me».

3. Setting evening routine for better sleeping. Surely you noticed that it is most comfortable to fall asleep when the room is slightly cool. This is good for our brain, so open the window for a while before going to bed. Also, according to a study by scientists from The University of Texas, it is useful to take a warm shower before going to bed - this will not only help you fall asleep faster, but also provide a good sleep. And put the phone down - instead of scrolling through the feed again, it’s better to spend 15-20 minutes reading the book.

4. Using a phone less often. That thing that needs to be done, but not in any way we can not do this. Most people of the modern generation are addicted to their phones. Every day we spend at least three hours on using gadgets, not realizing that our smartphone has become our personal drug. Therefore, try to keep up a new habit in the new year - to stop living on the phone! You can start small, for example, put the phone away at least half an hour before bedtime, it will help to sleep better. For advanced, there is also an idea - digital detox. At first, abandoning your smartphones will be difficult, including psychological factor, however, after a few days you will relax and enjoy real life.

5. Meditation. Scientists have repeatedly talked about the beneficial effects that meditation or mindfulness practices have on our brains. This is useful if you want to learn how to more easily accept the workload, be more focused and better control your emotions. 20 minutes of meditation is enough to restore concentration on the current task and be more attentive.

Tips by
Anna Bogun