6 Simple Exercises To Keep Fit While At Home

An effective set of exercises to keep fit during self-isolation period from Elizaveta Letnikova.

6 Simple Exercises To Keep Fit While At Home

The coronavirus pandemic has predictably ruined the plans of everyone, who is used to keeping their body in shape. We are strongly advised to avoid mass gatherings of people, and therefore, visiting gyms and fitness centers puts our health at risk. What about those who are used to regular physical activity? It turns out that the only correct solution is to train at home.

For advice on this issue, I decided to turn to my friend - Elizaveta Letnikova 

Liza has been professionally involved in athletics since she was 10 years old. She is a candidate for master of sports and received a higher education as a physical education teacher at Pushkin Leningrad State University. She also received a certificate as a personal trainer and instructor of group programs at the Pedagogical College of fitness. Lisa is a certified fitness trainer who regularly attends additional courses to improve her skills, and she is also a fitness blogger. Just for us, she shared 6 effective exercises to keep fit from her home workout guide. Their main advantage is that they do not need any additional sports equipment, but in complex work out several important areas at once (leg muscles, buttocks, abs, back and arms), and do not focus on one.

A few tips before starting your workout:

1. Start workout with a little warm-up

2. Always work out in sneakers; you can't train at home barefoot if you don't want to get joint problems

3. Try not to eat at least an hour before training, otherwise you may have digestive problems

4. 20 minutes before your workout drink a glass of water. After your workout, drink a glass of water

5. The proposed training consists of 6 exercises - round. Round is repeated 3 (max 4) times.

When you start training, there are two options:

1. In all exercises, do 8 repetitions on each side

You can either alternate sides, or do all the repetitions first on one, then on the other. In the second case, you will be able to pay more attention to the technique and load the muscles harder.

2. Exercise for time

Set aside half a minute for each exercise and perform the maximum number of repetitions. Do not forget to save the technique.

In either case, rest between exercises until you are fully recovered (usually 30 seconds is enough). One last thing. This program is good for everyone, but focus on your level of training: if it's hard for you, rest more or do fewer exercises/repetitions.

1. Squat with knee lift

  • Starting position: feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to each other; fists at chin level; elbows pointing down.
  • Keeping your back as straight as possible, drop into a squat until your hips are parallel to the floor (a).
  • When you standing up, raise one knee up to the level of the solar plexus (b). Return the leg to its original position-this is a repeat.

2. Lunge with knee lift

  • From the same starting position, take a step forward and drop in a lunge to the parallel of the hip of the in front standing leg with the floor (a).
  • When lifting, push the other leg's knee up (b). Returning to the original position, we get a repeat.

3. Push-ups with complication

  • Starting position: lying down, palms shoulder-width apart or slightly narrower, hands parallel to each other, body extended in a line from shoulders to heels (a).
  • Keeping your elbows as close to your body as possible, lower yourself into the push-up (b).
  • And when lifting, extend one arm forward and fix this position (c). Returning to the start, we get a repeat.
  • Option: the hand can be raised to the side.

4. Twistings

  • Starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees at a right angle, feet-completely on the mat, fingers touching the chin, head and shoulder blades are off the floor.
  • Perform a right twist – to touch the right knee with your left hand at the end point (a). Return to the original position.
  • Now twist forward, touching your knees with both hands (b). This is 1 repeat.

5. (Mountain) Climber

  • Starting position: plank on straight arms, body stretched out in a straight line (a).
  • Without dropping your hips, pull one knee as close to your chest as possible (b). Returning to the original position, we get a repeat.

6. Dynamic plank with transition to elbows and lifting to straight arms

  • Starting position: plank on straight arms, feet shoulder width apart, arms slightly wider, body stretched out in a straight line.
  • Gradually lower down: first on one elbow (a).
  • Then on another (b).
  • Just as consistently, rewinding the movement back, return to the original position. This is 1 repeat.

Text by
Oksana Semenikhina