Top-5 YouTube Channels To Understand Russia

Anna Makhatkina suggests watching some YouTube channels if you want to learn more about our country.

Top-5 YouTube Channels To Understand Russia

 Start your acquaintance with Russia through these 5 Youtube channels.

1. RESP TV reactions to Russian music


You will see cuts of foreigners’ reactions to Russian music. This channel has playlists with reactions for specific artists (e.g. Miyagi, Rem Digga, etc.)

Foreigners  like Andy Panda, Scryptonite, 104, TumaniYO, Miyagi - Billboard. Americans listen to Andy Panda, Scryptonite, 104, TumaniYO, Miyagi – Billboard

2. Bald and bankrupt 


The main theme of the channel is travel to the poorest corners of the world. The blogger traveled to India, Myanmar, many places of the former socialist camp (Belarus, Moldova). In Russia blogger visited poor provincial towns, then Dagestan and the territory of the Chernobyl zone. He speaks Russian at a basic level.

3. Italians by Kuzno Productions


Real Italians explore Russia and its culture through food, music, and cinema. Russian and Italian  languages are also compared. There are some videos where they celebrate Russian national holidays. All videos are very funny and interesting. This channel will show you real friendship between Russians and Italians.

4. Gareth Leonard


The main aim of a man from US is to travel across the entire country of Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Over the next 25 days he travels from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok on one crazy Russia Travel Adventure which is called the #TransSibChallenge. This is the first episode is about arriving to St Petersburg, meet the team, and discover things to do in Saint Petersburg.

5. Russia Beyond


If you really want to know what real Russia is like, this channel is your indispensable guide to the world’s largest country! Here you will find everything you need to know about the particularities of Russian traditions and culture. You’ll also be introduced to the many lifestyles of locals and expats!


All stories and fun facts on behalf of a Russian girl who speaks English very well! Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Text by
Anna Makhatkina