5 Useful Apps While Staying At Home

Elena Sysa and her choice of apps to keep fit anytime.

5 Useful Apps While Staying At Home

Due to the current situation, connected with pandemic of COVID-19, many students are used to stay home to deal with plenty of different homeworks and other educational stuff. This becomes boring and tiring after several days.

The best way to have a rest is to change your activity. Mental to physical. So, be ready to get acquainted with 5 useful apps to keep fit during quarantine!

Here are 5 apps, which will help you to keep fit even at home.

Sworkit Lite

This app offers various programmes from 5 minutes to 1 hour. You can choose the particular area of your body which you want to improve and create your workout due to your individual preferences. There are several directions, such as yoga, cardio, stretching, etc. 

Nike training club

This app is totally free. You are allowed to choose video format or voice accompaniment. All coaches are professional sportsmen. The workouts are very various. You can also add you favorite music to be more inspired.

7 Minute Workout

This app offers you to spend only 7 minutes per day for keeping fit. Beginners will especially like this format. You are welcome to join a progamme for 30 days. There are different options: for core muscles, for legs, etc.


This app is for lovers of both body and mind. It will help you not only to be physically active, but also to get your head straight and to deal with stress. Users can also focus on some particular parts of body: on legs, core etc. The duration of most workouts is approximately 7-30 minutes.


This app is pretty unusual and will exactly help everyone to kill the boredom. The specificity of it is that the activities are presented as a game. For example, you will have a task to reach the peak of the mountain, while you will be climbing up the stairs. This format might be exciting for both children and adults.

Try them and see how easy and fun can be staying at home.

Text by
Elena Sysa