How To Decorate Your Workplace: Some Easy Hints

Sofia Shatokhina knows what you need for effective work.

How To Decorate Your Workplace: Some Easy Hints

For effective work you need not only a good sleep and silence, but also a comfortable workplace. You don’t need to have a large table, isolated room or expensive chair, you just have to organize your own little workplace in the right way. It is especially important now as all students are working and studying distantly.

1. Buy a good lamp

Remember, it does not matter how you work, with a textbook, papers or at a computer, — it is necessary that your workplace be well lit. Make sure your lamp is not too weak, or vice versa doesn’t have a bright annoying light. The better way is to buy a energy saving lamp — it can work for a very long time without burning out, and you (a little bit, but still) help to save the planet!

2. Remove everything unnecessary
Famous organization expert Marie Kondo will assure you, that order on the table is necessary for a good working process. The best way is to keep your place always clean and don’t leave

scribbled paper and textbooks on the table: put them on a shelf or, as a last resort,

neatly stack them in a corner of the table.

3. Organizer on the wall

If you do not have your own shelf, then buy it yourself and hang it wherever you want — it is much easier than you think. Your ideal option is a wall organizer. Firstly, it will help to organize the storage of things necessary for work correctly; secondly, even more items will fit in a good organizer than on a regular shelf; and thirdly, the organizer can be constantly moved to a convenient place for you. And it’s cheap — and you can easily order a preferable model online.

4. Table chalk board

Another indispensable thing to record brilliant thoughts: chalk board. You can use it as a reminder desk or a draft for essays/presentation/sketches — it seems, we do not need to persuade you, that it's just a multifunctional thing on which you can write and paint whatever you need.

5. Flowers

An effective workplace doesn’t mean not beautiful — do not deny yourself the pleasure to decorate your table with something pretty. We vote for flowers or plants, because they are easy to care for and they have a nice flavor. Just don’t pick too big vases.

6. Books
The only excuse to keep books on the table is if they help to organize your space. It’s comfortably when things are placed on the different heights: for example, a family photo is closer to eye level, and pens and pencils are hidden from view. Books can help with this: just lay out a couple of

different stacks of books on the edge of the table, which is closer to the wall, and put needed stuff on them (or close to them, if you want to «hide» something). It’s better if you choose books, which more suites your room decor.

7. Marble board

An accessory for whose, who can’t imagine love without decor: a table board. It is more decorative than effective in organizing the work process, but you can use it as cup stand.

Text by
Sofia Shatokhina