We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Night

Rostislav Miretskiy presents Bowie Alternative Karaoke – the best karaoke joint for international students in Moscow.

We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Night

Over the past two decades a strong karaoke culture developed in Russia: only in Moscow you may enjoy singing with your friends in more than 100 different joints. However, there is one major issue that affects almost all of them: huge underrepresentation of non-Russian songs. While one probably might get lucky and find some of American, British and European classics from the latter part of the XX century in the track list, it’s almost guaranteed one wouldn't find anything modern-day or alternative.

Obviously, there are many people in Russia who enjoy different genres of foreign music a lot and in 2015 Eugene Myalenkov, who was an editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone Russia at that time, realized that he and his friends lacked such a place in Moscow, where they could perform their favorite songs. So, long story short, in December 2016 Bowie Alternative Karaoke was born.

Bowie’s track library features more than 7000 songs: Stooges, Kendrick Lamar, Patti Smith, Depeche Mode, Billie Eilish, Joy Division, Oasis, Eminem, Beyonce, System of a Down, Wu-Tang Clan, Adele and many more. Basically, all genres are welcome, one can even go as far as Mötley Crüe, Slayer or Rammstein. Ultimately, there is one simple rule – only foreign tracks.

Coupled with great drinks and food for affordable prices, great location – it’s located at Myasnitskaya street right next to HSE building complex «Myasnitskaya» – and no fee for performing, Bowie has a truly amazing atmosphere and attracts young open-minded people from all over the city. And it is fair to assume that most of them would be happy to put their English language skills in work offstage.

Anyway, if you are ready to stretch your vocal chords, not afraid of completely packed joint and looking forward to have a great time, Bowie Alternative Karaoke is a must-visit karaoke joint in Moscow.

Address: Myasnitskaya st., 18

Working hours: Monday: Closed; Tuesday-Thursday: 7 PM - 5 AM; Friday-Saturday: 7 PM - 6 AM; Sunday: 7 PM - 5 AM.

Text by
Rostislav Miretskiy