Going Viral: HSE Online Communities In A Nutshell

A short guide through some of the HSE most popular public pages in social media by Eduard Oksem.

Going Viral: HSE Online Communities In A Nutshell

Today’s communication is hard to imagine without the increasing use of messengers and social media. Each group of people that shares the same interest, whether a music band fans or university students look forward to gathering up and communicating online. HSE University is a huge institution with thousands of students in various faculties and they all use social media to share information, make fun of their faculty occasions, as well as to hate and adore their teachers. So, what are the most famous and debated social media communities of HSE? The answer can be found in this article.

Where and why?

Mostly, popular HSE-related public pages and groups can be found at VK - it is the most popular Russian social network with over 200 million users. These groups could be split loosely in four categories: media - news and articles, information - Q&A and helpful advices, humor - mostly memes and other entertaining content, and faculty - all mentioned, related strictly to single faculty or education program.


The university has a variety of mass media platforms which serve to provide the students with all the important information regarding the relatable news, student life and events. Some of these media function online - there are resources that can be accessed in both social media groups and separate web pages.

Высшая школа экономики

The one and only official public page of HSE on VK is Высшая школа экономики - various news concerning the university, articles covering different aspects of business sphere and other interesting topics are being posted here. A significant  part of the content published are up-to-date researches visualised with fancy infographics - for instance, take a brief look at this research - it represents the student’s career attitudes, their expected and perceived salaries, and the most popular companies to build one’s career at. What is more, this page answers the FAQ regularly - they have a made up character Kira Voronina that engages the audience to ask more to learn more about HSE consequently.

The Vyshka

Other university-related media is The Vyshka. It is an independent media that is no longer framed by HSE thematic - accounting over 57 thousands followers, this media is popular within the students from different universities and applicants from all over Russia. Moderated by the students of HSE and other universities themselves, this resource provides articles, interviews, stories, interactive tests that help the audience to get more acknowledged with student life and relative status of the World’s business tendencies. The Vyshka has a weekly digest that covers all the upcoming events of HSE, main events of Moscow, various lectures, meet-ups and master-classes that can be really helpful for those who want to learn new and develop themselves on a regular basis.


The name of STUDLIFE HSE speaks for itself - the media publishes different articles, interviews and much more to cover the topic of student life in HSE. To add some, this resource is famous for uploading high quality pictures from HSE events, engaging longreads and so on. One of their latest memorable publications is the interview with the creators of “HSE App” which you probably use if you are a student. The media is accessible on both website and public pages in social networks.


Having someone to help you settle in the university is utterly important for freshmen. Older students, though, need a service to answer their questions and keep up with everything that is going on. That is what various informative public pages are made for - they answer the questions you struggle seeking answers for, help choosing a career path, share inside information.

Подслушано ВШЭ

A great Q&A service Подслушано ВШЭ allows you find solution to all your university-related issues and ask the experienced students of different faculties to help you answer your questions. Some popular inquiry topics are seeking for variously qualified people to interview or participate in a research, searching for roommates and abroad internship questions. The distinctive feature of this public page is the complete confidentiality - no one will ever know the author of a question, no matter how personal or uncomfortable it may be.

HSE Career - Центр развития карьеры ВШЭ

Those pursuing a career must always look up for any opportunities to find an internship, vacancy announcements and participate in projects. All this can be found in the university media, including the ones mentioned above. There are some special public pages that focus strictly on providing such offers to students - one of them is HSE Career - Центр развития карьеры ВШЭ on VK. This resource provides daily digest of vacancies at top companies for both experienced professionals and ambitious beginners. There are also various competitions, volunteering opportunities, resume making and job interview tips and events that could help you choose your career destination and start developing - one of them is recently held HSE Career Marathon.

Бюро находок ВШЭ

Have you lost something? Бюро находок ВШЭ serves to help you find your property and to recover it. The basic principle is simple - you can create a post if you have lost something or if you have found somebody else’s property. Just leave your contacts and try to remember the possible place of loss - specify the building address and describe the features of an item lost or found. This resource will make it possible for interested people to see the post and contact you. The “bureau” is responsible for numerous student IDs, cell phones and wallets to find their owners.


Being a student is sometimes a lot of fun - no matter how hard you study. Jokes and pranks are being created by students in real life and then being spread online. There are numerous Web communities that produce “memes” highlighting the humorous aspects of the studying process for any university, and HSE is not an exception. The following abstracts will get you familiar with some of the most popular university entertainment public pages that upload relatable content daily.

хайер скул оф мемс

Probably, the most popular VK public page publishing humor only the students of HSE can understand is хайер скул оф мемс, whose name literally says “Higher School of Memes” - the university to consider going to. This group specializes on posting lots of memes relatable to any student of HSE, without any faculty-specified ones. There are some fine pictures about infamous passing the deadline at 23:59 process, getting a 3,49 accumulated mark, and, popular recently, the all-new Pokrovka Complex and it’s features that students have to deal with studying there, apart from taking pictures of the hallways. The group is really worth visiting it - at least to understand that other students face the same problems as you do in your daily studying routine.

Цитатник ВШЭ

Have you ever been impressed by your teacher’s statement or joke so much that you wanted to share it with everybody else? It is possible with this group that focuses on posting different professor’s most memorable quotations. Things that your teachers say during the lections and seminars usually get spread all over the faculty orally, since those phrases characterise the lecturers all your university friends know. Consider sharing a piece of your favourite teacher’s lyric to make it legendary with Цитатник ВШЭ.

Faculty public pages

Although entertainment resources help students in different campuses feel united, there are also some special jokes and funnies that only the students from separate department or faculty can relate to. Such topics as the characters of popular within the faculty teachers, the difficult subjects and features of an old, but cozy and familiar building where your faculty has classes at are in a spotlight in such communities. The following part will cover some of them.


A great example of a faculty-specific entertainment public page is pzhalsta, created by students of Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design. This group is especially popular within those who study journalism - it represents all the relevant press events and current trends in this sphere. Also this resource is rich with random photo and video content that FCMD students can relate to - the rotation between Khitrovka Buildings and Pokrovka Complex, lots of paperwork and communication students’ all-time favourite teachers.

Пацанское право

Founded by a small group of fellow law faculty students, Пацанское Право went big. The content there is dedicated to the law students and things that surround them in their study and career. Although its main focus are law studies, the community has become popular within students from other departments and universities. Пацанское право still attracts wider audiences and grows bigger - the community now has a self-titled football team that plays at HSE Youth League - quite a remarkable milestone for a small community founded by a couple of coursemates.

*sum of money* a year at *programme*

There is no doubt that you are familiar with one of those public pages like “500тыщ в год на иямкк” or “550тыщ в год на рекламе”, representing a price to pay for studying for one year at one of the bachelor programmes. These communities serve as a place for hate speeches for students - the users say briefly what makes them mad about their faculty and compare these disadvantages to the sum that has to be paid each year for their education. These resources are not really popular within the entire university, but are surely known within the faculty - there is probably one page of this type for each programme.

HSE University is still growing, and the students are developing its various communities in both offline and offline. The enhancing amount and quality of these little unions make the living in the university much more interesting and saturated - thanks to the initiative of our students.

Text by
Eduard Oksem