Hygge: Danish Cosiness Tips

Hygge is a unique feeling of communication, warmth, well-being, contentment and safety. 

Hygge: Danish Cosiness Tips

According to many sociological polls, one of the happiest nations are the Danes, although the climate in Denmark is not very nice and the taxes are high. Nevertheless, Danish people are keen on comfort and coziness, work less hours a day and meet friends and family regularly. They even have a special concept that refers to a unique feeling of comfort, communication, warmth, well-being, contentment and safety together and it is cold hygge. Despite the fact that it is a Danish concept, there are some tips how to create hygge in your own room or office, which will make you a bit happier and brighten up the harsh winter days.


Creating proper illumination in the room is very important. There should be many light sources and they should be placed throughout the room. The light should not be white and bright, but rather dim and soft. The easiest way to bring hygge is to light a couple of candles. 28% of Danes lighten candles every day. But do not forget to ventilate the room afterwards!


Spending time with close people is an important part of the hygge. Social connections are vital to human well-being. The best part of memories is the moment you create them. Meeting friends and family members, cooking together or playing board games is a true hygge. The Danes prefer to get together a small circle of friends, rather that to have a big loud party. Almost 60% of Danes claim that the best company consists of 3-4 people.

Delicious Food and Drinks

A high consumption of meat, confectionery and coffee in Denmark is directly linked to hygge. One of the most important hygge conditions - is to pamper yourself and others with sweets, bakery or other hearty meals. To create even more hygge everybody should eat from a one big bowl. The Danes love cakes and bring them even to official meetings to make atmosphere more comfortable. Hot drinks such as coffee or mulled wine are also highly associated with hygge.


The main idea of hygge clothing is easiness. In order to create this easy style many combine T-shirts and sweater with a sports jacket. A scarf is an inevitable element of the wardrobe. Black color is always in fashion in Denmark. The more warm clothes such as sweaters or cardigans you put on - the more hygge. The hairstyle should also be laid-back and a bit sloppy.


For every person in Denmark - house is the headquarters of hygge, that's why Danish people care so much about interior design. They prefer to meet friends at home - not in bars or caffes. In every house there should be a special cosy corner - hyggekrog. It is the most comfortable and warm place in the house. It can be a large window sill covered with a soft plaid and a bunch of pillows. Wooden things, potted plants and candles make your home more hygge. A fireplace is an indispensable thing to create hygge in the house as well.

Activities Outside

The Danes love to be closer to nature, they enjoy long walks regardless of the weather. Especially hygge is to return home tired, frozen and happy with physical activity in nature - such as Nordic walking or skiing. By the way, most Danes prefer to get to work by bicycle. Traffic jams and public transport mean stress, and  bicycle means hygge. And everything else is just a matter of proper equipment.


Hygge favors simple joys - food, close friends, soft bed. Nevertheless, it is important to know your limits. 10 sweet cinnamon rolls is no longer hygge, but rather an eating disorder. After all, even after the fifth one, the feeling of pleasure is lost. Therefore, the Danes set aside a certain time to pumper themselves - for example - Weekends.

Tips by
Ekaterina Kosheleva