Are You Superstitious?

It is your choice to believe it  or not, but what if it is gonna work?

Are You Superstitious?

There are so many good luck signs. University graduates especially HSE students know exactly what significant role they play before the session, although at first glance they may not inspire confidence or seem absurd. Despite the fact that some signs are born simply on the basis of jokes, they are able to calm a poor student, relieve stress and thereby help to concentrate.

Hygiene - for or against

This belief is common not only among students, but also among athletes. Most young people are sure that before a critical day one can refuse shaving, cut nails or take a bath - you can wash away all your knowledge. Where this tradition came from is not known, but it is observed quite often. It is difficult to say whether it will help students pass the tests - there is a chance to come across a teacher who would prefer to see tidy students in front of him.

Do not change clothes

If a student successfully starts a session, he does not change his outfit until the very end. The same set is put on for each exam in order to attract good luck again.

Little Talisman

A student can turn anything into a fetish in fear of a responsible day. Many people believe that if you put five cents on the shoe (under the heel), you will definitely get a mark of "excellent." Why so many? Because 5 is the best result!

Sleep with books

Each student would like to lure luck and knowledge in a dream. To this aim, students sleep on notes, conspectus and textbooks (put them under the pillow). If you put a textbook under the pillow the night before the exam: the material itself will penetrate the head, so to speak, “diffusion”.

Don’t come back

You cannot return after leaving the house. If you returned, you need to look in the mirror and show yourself the tongue.

Do everything left

When you wake up pay attention to the fact that you need to get up with your left foot. And everything else, by the way, is also: teeth - with your left hand, combing your hair - too, eat, hold a mug, close the door .We enter the bus from the left foot, into the audience - with the left! This strange sign is explained as follows: on the left side is the heart, and the heart feels. Experienced students recommend signing the right hand with a felt-tip pen, so as not to confuse.

By the way at Harvard, the key to successful passing the exam is a naked marathon! To get an excellent grade, you need to completely undress and run a circle around the campus. This event is massive and is rather fun - to the sounds of the university orchestra, which on the evening scheduled for the race plays at the monument to John Harvard, after whom the university is named.

In Japan, students take Kit-Kat chocolate with them for the exam. Just such - it is fundamentally important! The fact is that in Japanese the expression “we will definitely win” sounds like “kitto katsu”. That, as you might have guessed, is surprisingly consonant with the name of chocolate.

And in Poland, nonresident students will never take the student’s record-book home from the city where they study. The sign says that if you leave with a record in your hands, then you are no longer destined to return with her - they will be expelled.

What is your form for success?

Text by
Julia Morozova