Internship In Sberbank Corporate University

Ekaterina Borisova talks on her experince of internship at Sberbank.

Internship In Sberbank Corporate University

Internship is an obligatory step in the life of every student. It is important for future employers as the proof that you have practical experience and you know how to navigate the harsh realities of the workflow, and for personal understanding of your desires and goals for future careers.

I would like to share how you can choose an internship, what it can bring to you and what you should be ready for.

My internship experience first took place in the summer of 2019, when I was doing an obligatory internship from my educational program.

Why did I choose Sberbank Corporate University? I did not know anyone who had had practice there, I just knew that I would like to have my internship working in a team and not just sitting alone with tasks and be in connection with everybody around me.

Such a place for me, was this corporate university. I would like to remind you that each program has different places and opportunities for practice. It is necessary to look and clarify it in your study office.

I worked in the department of external projects, also managed to help other departments. For example, the department of external corporate events. In each department there were a few people and it was possible to work with everybody. 

I was involved in drafting and supporting projects, helped in organizing and conducting number of programs and events of Sberbank Corporate University, interacted with external clients, worked with documentation.

Passing practice there I got acquainted with new skills, drawing up correct documentation, booklets, estimates of expenses, worked in the 1C program, I managed to develop all these practical skills within a month of practice. Therefore, I can definitely call my experience successful and useful.

You need to be prepared that practice is primarily your desire, even if you have a mentor, you need to always take the initiative; do not be afraid to ask questions and do new tasks to progress and try different things to understand what you like and what seems less interesting.

The internship helps to discipline and plunge into adulthood. It is worth noting that work experience is always welcome from employers, it can also help during enrolling in a master's degree. Therefore, the choice of the place of internship should be approached consciously and I do not recommend doing it simply because it is necessary, you need to take the maximum from such an opportunity.

Text by
Ekaterina Borisova