Work And Travel: Is It Worth It?

Julia Morozova knows what the "American dream" tastes like. 

Work And Travel: Is It Worth It?

We have such a phrase: "American dream." Watching American films and TV shows, it seems that life in America is beautiful and cloudless, that almost everything happens according to the law, our rights are respected, education is much better, and in general why I still have not gone to live there? I want to taste this life! However, this is possible, because there is a program called «Work and Travel», on which you can go to work in America for the whole summer. We talked with Natalya Solovyova, one of our students about her experience across the ocean.

Natalya Solovyova, major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Natalya Solovyova, major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


The idea came up to go to work in America in the 7th grade at school, no matter how strange it may sound, I looked at different sites and dreamed when the school would be over to go as a student to America. Plus, my ex-boyfriend was 2 times in America, and by his photograph and stories I more and more wanted to get there. However, then in the 11th grade and in the 1st – 2nd year at university, this idea flew out of my head, because new acquaintances and university affairs captured me. The idea was revived after 2 round at university spontaneously, a lot of my classmates went and I asked my friend, maybe we can go too. We gathered our company of friends, prepared documents and drove off.

Documents required

We found an agency that specializes in this program, concluded an agreement with it. A passport, a certificate from a university and a student were required from us. All other documents were prepared for us by the agency. Then, in a package of documents, we were sent to the embassy for a visa. A visa interview was very interesting. First, we passed face control with a security guard according to passports, then we gave out special papers stating that we were registered for the submission of documents for a visa, passed metal detectors, passed fingerprints and retina. Only after that there was an interview, I remember I was really worried about it, my heart literally went into heels. But everything went very well, I was asked only three questions: why am I going on a work and travel trip, whether I was in America and who I study for. I was approved for the visa and 2 months of preparation remained ahead, to collect all the necessary things, buy tickets and book accommodation.

My work and friends

I worked in an amusement park, the person who drives all the “cars”, worked a lot with a not-so-high rate, to be honest. Simply, if you are planning to go to this program, be prepared to go to the movies only on your day off, and that’s not a fact. Although everything again depends on the place where you will work. But experience is experience, I do not want to complain about it. I met there with so many people of all ages and nationalities, these connections are very valuable to me. The language practice was very cool, I probably did not improve my level of English, but still I began to catch and understand the information much better.

To go or not to go?

I recommend one hundred percent, because it is an invaluable experience. In one summer, you can turn your life upside down, you can return as another person, either be grateful for this experience, or complain about it, this is your choice, but in my opinion, it's definitely worth going. Find out what work in America is, what multinationality is, and how you can communicate well together, what is the world behind big water.

Text by
Julia Morozova