The Importance Of Internship

Ekaterina Borisova and her understanding of an internship. 

The Importance Of Internship

I think everyone once heard or faced questions about the place of their study, after such questions, people like to ask about who you will be after your graduation of this program or faculty, many students find it difficult to answer these questions because they do not even realize where you can apply your knowledge in practice and how it works. This article will formulate the concept of internship, its advantages for the life of the student in the future and some tips.

If you are a foreign student, I think you know exactly how important the internship is for employers, outside Russia, this is given special attention. In this regard, our University is also trying to keep up with such trends. At the first courses we get a fundamental knowledge base at the University, but often, coming to work, we may face the fact that it is difficult for us to adapt and solve different problems and cases, the conditions of fierce competition and the new environment can cause stress and affect the efficiency of work, you need to be ready for this.

Therefore, it is necessary to undergo an internship, the Higher School of Economics has excellent career centers in each program and faculty, where you can apply at the chosen time for internships and to choose an interesting option for yourself.

Now about the basic things and tips. I recommend an internship on your education direction, because it will help to understand whether you want to link your career with this direction or whether it is worth taking another field in the future to study. In addition, practice to be acceptable at your program, as obligatory step during education,  training on the profile of internship or related to some subjects or projects that you have passed in the framework of the program, will be much better received by the managers of your  program. Therefore, if the search for internships on your own ended in failure, do not be discouraged, in our University there are excellent opportunities to find variation of companies, who might be interested in your candidancy, for example, "career development Center", there are always urgent requests from various employers.

Moreover, recently in the walls of our University there took place so called a “Job Fair”, such events are attended by various representatives of companies, and you can ask questions and discuss the terms of the internship, if both sides are mutually interested. This is a great opportunity for international students to improve their Russian language by working directly in this language.

The main thing is not to worry, do everything in time, then you can find an internship that meets all your requirements.

Text by
Ekaterina Borisova