Chinese New Year 2020 In Moscow

Veronika Mark talks about Chinese New Year in Moscow.

Chinese New Year 2020 In Moscow

Higher School of Economics is a wonderful university which welcomes students from all over the world. It is no surprise that even students from China enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the day-to-day life in HSE.

Although all around the world people have already celebrated New Year, there is one country which citizens are still waiting to celebrate this important holiday. You guessed it right. This country is China.

But why Chinese New Year is so important? And why even in Russia it is so loved and appreciated?

A little bit of history

In China New Year is actually called the Spring Festival, or chunjie (春节). There is no set date for the holiday because it goes according to the lunar calendar which is based on the monthly cycles of the Moon’s phases. That is why Chinese New Year ranges from January 21 to February 20. This year, for example, it will be celebrated on January 25. Of course, nowadays China has officially moved to using the Gregorian calendar like the rest of the world. However, all holidays are still celebrated according to the ancient lunar calendar.

Although in January and February the weather is still quite cold and windy in a lot of provinces of the country, the holiday is said to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People all around China welcome warm weather and hope for a rich harvest in autumn. It is also the time to meet with your family and friends and pray to God for their wellness and happiness.

The fireworks story

In China people absolutely love fireworks and firecrackers. The origin of it goes back to the ancient times when fireworks and firecrackers were considered the greatest tool to scare away all the evil spirits as it was believed that they were most afraid of loud noises. However, a lot of cities in China have lately banned the use of fireworks due to safety reasons and concerns for air pollution.

A “dirty” holiday?

What is also quite interesting is that sweeping, mopping and throwing out garbage is not allowed on New Year Eve. It is believed that New Year wind could bring the lucky dust that settles in on every object in the house. Cleaning would simply leave your house empty of any possible good luck.

Chinese New Year in Russia

The traditions of the Spring Festival have also attracted a lot of attention in Russia, especially in Moscow where there are a lot of tourists from China. That is why nowadays there are a lot of Muscovites who annually celebrate Chinese New Year. On such days, GUM halls are usually brightly decorated with red cards, lanterns and dragons. It is there where you can watch national Chinese dances, listen to Chinese music and participate in tea ceremonies.

For lovers of new gastronomic sensations, real fairs with various Chinese food are often organized. There are also a lot of Chinese restaurants in Moscow which organize small performances and create a special holiday menu, which includes the most unusual and refined dishes, such as, for example, sea bass in sweet-spicy red sauce or pork belly stewed with lily root.

We hope you will enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations in Russia!

Text by
Veronika Mark