ICE 2.0 - Can't Be Missed

Krisitna Kondakova invites you to visit ICE 2.0 event. 

ICE 2.0 - Can't Be Missed

On the night of the 7th to 8th of February 2020 a mass night ice skating named “ICE 2.0” will take place in the training facility “Morozovo”. The event is organised by HSE curators for students, staff and alumni of the Higher School of Economics.

The event was first held in Moscow last year at the Megasport training arena. Then about 300 guests came to the site. In 2020, 750 people are willing to participate.

ICE 2.0 is based on a cyber party style with cool light music and interesting contests, where everyone can try on the most vivid and bold looks. During this February night, guests will also get the opportunity to attend hockey and skater master classes, win tasty and healthy prizes and have fun with friends.

The number of places is limited, registration will be carried out in three waves - in order to be in time, you need to follow the updates on social networks (

Ice 2.0 promises to be exciting!

Text by
Kristina Kondakova