From Minor To The Real Project «ХороShow»

Do you feel that you are missing a project activity? Want to become an organizer of a real event? Minor is a great platform for doing this.

From Minor To The Real Project «ХороShow»

In our university, there is such a wonderful thing as a minor. There are a lot of them, each student tastes and color. Many of us go to the minor with their ideas in our heads and a great desire to bring them to life. However, not everyone has an idea going through all the stages to the final and most important – event itself. But there are still such examples. We talked with the creators of the project.

 «ХороShow» is a choir show. In Russia this direction is still not so popular, therefore, it may seem to many unknown and strange, but this genre is widely known in the USA and has become popular thanks to the television series «Glee». Performances in this genre are united by one idea - a combination of choral singing and dance or with a specific context, story. Choir shows can remind you of Broadway musicals and popular American shows. It all depends on the imagination of the performers.

Tatyana Bukareva, idea creator, a fourth year student, major in Philology

Can you, please, tell some words on how the idea was born.

In general, it all started after one of the classes. We started the event management course  on the Creative Industries minor, and then we thought that it would  end with another project for show, we’ll do a presentation and nothing more. But here we come and we are told that it is necessary to make a real event, organize it in real life, invite people to it, that is, make a real  event. At that moment, I really wanted to organize something, because I have such a need for a principle in life and something was missing for me then, some projects, and it was born literally on the same day. I really got excited about this idea. In a dialogue with my friend, we discussed different ideas and this is how ours was born. Indeed, I began to gather people, I started to call everyone, a lot of cool guys formed around me who were also interested, someone in the subject itself, someone in organizing something cool. So it immediately went beyond the scope of the minor  project, then we found the Youth Home as our main partner and the venue for our event, they also liked our idea. So bit by bit and all collected. The Youth House suggested that we do this in the fall, although according to the curriculum we had to do this in the spring or summer. In the summer, we recruited new people to the team and a total of 15 people worked on the event. Now we have recruited more volunteers, they will help at the festival itself. The idea of ​​the project as a whole is not to do some kind of event with choirs, not just to organize an event, it has the goal of promoting the new genre to the masses in Russia, since I have been singing in the choir, I have been singing in it for more than 10 years and I know what it is, it seems to me at the moment it is a dying genre, if not dead yet. Less and less youth is returning to the choir, but when you sing in the choir, the feeling is amazing, the feeling of unity with people is incredible. And the fact that there is a choir show, a continuation of this our choir, which has outlived itself, which may still remain, but has already exhausted itself, is great, because this show is very popular in America and Europe, it’s strange that we still don’t developed it in Russia, there are some individual groups, I hope in the future we will be able to unite with them and they will be able to play with us. Our event is planned annually, I hope everything goes well and we will do it again!

Anastasia Lebedeva, an organizator, a fourth year student, major in Philology

Will you please tell us about the project?

The idea was born thanks to the Creative Industries course in the St. Petersburg  campus, where the final project was the organization of an event, the format of the event could be chosen by yourself, whatever you wanted. And it so happened that we have historically developed companies on the course and several girls from my team got the idea to organize a choir show. A show where the choirs will not be classical in its understanding, but more modern, interesting. Initially, I did not take this idea very seriously, I thought well, let us try, not that I caught fire, but now I would organize it with great pleasure. In the course, we thought through everything from start to finish, starting from the idea of ​​the event, why it would be captivating, ending with an estimate our costs and the search for partners. We planned to organize it in the spring, but the Youth House with which we are working, offered us the option that we will do it better and more thoughtfully, but in the fall, to find more participants and make a really worthwhile event. We found out from our teacher whether such an alignment is possible, she agreed and we presented not the event, but its concept itself during the final lesson. Starting in August, our fruitful work began, of a practical nature, when we were looking for partners, participants, a jury and photographers. And now, for more than half a year this project has been living in our heads and thoughts and we are organizing it!

If the project in interesting to you, you can learn more here:

Interview by
Julia Morozova