Tips On Budget Travelling

Anna Bogun shares five practical tips how to see the world and not to go broke.

Tips On Budget Travelling

Traveling has always been an opportunity for people to get acquainted with the culture of different countries, find new friends, see the world, and just relax from the bored environment. At the same time, not everyone has the financial ability to travel. And especially when you are a young student - no money, but how much desire to see what is happening abroad! And this is absolutely no reason to abandon your desires. Today I will tell you several ways on how to save on travel, but get a huge amount of unforgettable experience!

I myself believe that I travel a lot  (this is considering that I try not to skip classes at the university). Therefore, some advice will be really based on my experience, some I learned from my friends and acquaintances. But the main thing is that they all work. So, enjoy!

Ready-made tours

Plan your trip yourself and do not use the services to travel agencies. The only time when it is justified, when you have been working all year, and now you want to forget all this and enjoy a bed rest in a five-star hotel in Turkey. In other cases, it is easier, cheaper, and more interesting to organize a vacation on your own. To do this, there are many online services today and you can do everything sitting at home. My favorite ones:

Keep track of cheap deals

Here are the last-minute tours - just interesting and very profitable. But they have their pitfalls - usually such tours are offered 1-2 days before departure. Therefore, pay attention to them in the summer - you can go to popular places on peak dates, and at the same time save money. I give a tip to the interesting telegram channel "Trip to Dream" -  Cheap package tours, airline tickets, train tickets, and hotel discounts often appear here. Many messages come in advance, so you will have enough time to plan your trip. You can also subscribe to advertising mailings of companies and airlines.

Take public transport on the spot and try not to use a taxi

Firstly, it will save you enough money. In addition, local taxi drivers (if you do not use Uber, for example) can swindel you for your money. Secondly, in many cities public transport is part of the country's culture, for example, trams and sea buses in Istanbul. Well, besides, often the routes coincide with the excursion buses. Google this for the place you are going to, and you can save some more money with an online guide.

Where to stay

Here I also have some tips and suggestions for you. It is not necessary to stay at a hotel, because it is much cheaper and more practical to rent an apartment. The most popular and practical service for this is, the link to which I already gave earlier. All without fraud, officially and safely. But you can always find an interesting, unusual and free way to stay on a trip. For example:

  • On the Help Exchange resource, people from all over the world offer tourists free accommodation and food in exchange for help with housework, farm work and other types of services;
  • Couchsurfing is an international hospitality system. You register on the site and then you can host guests or go to visit other participants yourself, and it's all free;
  • WWOOF is an international organization (located in more than 70 countries) of organic farms and gardens where anyone can come to work in exchange for accommodation and food.

How to vary your activities while traveling

How to have fun and not spend a lot of money? Where to find what to see? I’m talking about interesting services, thanks to which you can get an interesting excursion and an unforgettable experience for free or for a small fee. So:

- Tours at 15:15 are an international project of city excursions for independent travelers who are interested in alternative routes. Tours are conducted by Russian-speaking guides, walks always begin at 15:15. Guides show a group of 5 to 15 people both iconic tourist attractions and places "for their own", telling city and personal stories. The project employs more than 250 guides in 24 countries and 43 cities. A complete list is available here. The cost of one excursion is 15 euros, duration - 2 hours. Pre-registration on the site is required.

- Travel Guide online guide. It really contains the most amazing and interesting about travels from around the world. There is a magazine with articles about cultures of different countries, a section "questions and answers", where you can ask or answer. I advise you to pay attention to the guidebook, where there are selections of interesting tourist and non-tourist places. You can read this and plan your stay in the new city yourself.

- Localie is another walking tour service from locals who speak Russian. You find a guide and he makes a route according to your interests. The participants of the walk are promised to show secret courtyards, colorful cafes and breathtaking views, which only locals know about. During the walk, you can make a stop and relax, deviate from the plan and go for a meal in the restaurant along the way. Localie has more than 450 guides in 159 cities around the world. The price of the tour depends on the length of the route and the city. So, a tour of the CIS cities for 8 hours will cost 49 euros, for 4-5 hours - 29 euros. Walks in the cities of Europe and the world - 99 and 69 euros, respectively. At the same time, tickets to museums, transportation and food are not included in the tour price. You can return the money if you don’t like the walk.

- Free Walking Tours are free city walking tours that exist in all the more or less large cities of our planet. Such excursions have been held in capitals and big cities for many years, and thousands of tourists from all over the world gather daily. Free Walking Tours is an alternative to standard excursions with professional guides and high price tags.

Text by
Anna Bogun