Higher School Of Etiquette

How to successfully communicate with academic personnel and academic administration by Rostislav Miretskiy.

Higher School Of Etiquette

In the course of your study at a university, whether you like it or not, you would have to communicate with all kinds of people a lot and quite a time you would spend in interaction with academic personnel and administration of your faculty and university in general. There are no specific rules on how to engage with them; however, you might learn a few tricks to make these interactions much easier on yourself.

Use online resources to learn everyone’s contact information, whereabouts and timetable and don’t forget about lunchtime

Most of academic personnel and administration have their timetable and whereabouts published at their profiles on HSE website. In addition, while in most instances it is acceptable to drop in, it would be polite on your part to write in advance and schedule an appointment. However, if you still decide to just drop in, remember to do in the morning or afternoon - it is highly likely that if you come around noon, the person you are looking for would be at lunch.

Reply punctually and do not forget about the interaction context

Treat everyone the same way you want everyone to treat you. Many students have this nasty procrastinatory habit of doing things at the very last moment. While no one really cares whether you upload your assignment at the last minute, it is an entirely different conversation when there is a person on the other end of the line. Whether it is your academic supervisor that awaits for your thesis topics or education office employee that needs information from you - do not drag it out, same as you there people have their job to do.

Also, always keep your correspondence formal - remember that you are in an academic environment, therefore professional courtesy is expected from you.

Don’t turn your fellow students against yourself - check ‘recipients’ section when you reply to emails from academic personnel and academic administration

When education office address all students on various issues, dozens of email addresses are included in ‘recipients’ section. Unfortunately, frequently careless students do not check this section when they reply to these emails and these letters are once again are sent to the whole course. Remember, nobody likes spam!

Text by
Rostislav Miretskiy