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Best Gifts For Students For The New Year

HSE Illuminated shares some ideas for New Year’s presents.

Best Gifts For Students For The New Year

New Year is a good time for everyone. We spend time with loved ones enjoying the New Year's bustle. But this time of year is also known for the deadlines session and other unpleasant events. And sometimes people simply do not have time to think about gifts for loved ones because of all the events. And buying gifts becomes a real hell for them because they just don’t know what to buy.

Small thermoses and tumblers

Almost everyone dreams of a thermos mug. It is really convenient and profitable because you can take some coffee or tea from home, and not buy it on the way to work or study. Also it is environmentally friendly, and you can ask for to pour a drink into your tumbler and contribute to saving the ecology of the world. So, give your friend a thermos that will warm him in the cold season. And now the choice of tumblers is so big that you can choose any design. And if you have any special idea for design, then you can order a mug with your own design. This gift will delight everyone.


We all heard that a book is the best gift and you cannot argue with it. New Year's holidays are the time not only when we eat, sleep, walk with friends, but it is also free time to read books. All you need to find out that book which your loved wants to read or genre that he loves. Of course, you can always present your favorite book and your friend can enjoy it too.

Plaid, sweater or socks

Winter is the time of the year when we want to wrap ourselves in everything cozy, soft and warm. So, a plaid, socks or a sweater will be a great gift. You can buy funny socks with a New Year’s print or all loved sweater with a deer. Now the choice of plaids in the shop is very affluent. For example, you can buy a plaid in the shape of a mermaid’s tail, a plaid with a cut for the hands, and much more.

Cook something delicious

Everyone loves winter because you can eat whatever you want and do not think about calories. Surprise and delight your loved by cooking something tasty and newer. Bake the gingerbread cookie, make the cinnamon rolls, bake the pie or a whole cake. In general, you can cook anything. But if your friend does not like sweets, then you can please him with an American turkey. The main thing is not to eat everything by yourself.


The lunchbox is suitable for those who disappear all day and do not have time to eat properly. Taking food with you is the best economical solution for any student, as going to a cafe or bistro can significantly reduce the student’s budget. The set can have two containers, a spoon and a fork. In order not to queue in the dining room and snack at any convenient moment, the student just needs an easy and convenient lunch box. Now they produce lunch boxes in any form, so, knowing the hobbies of your friend, you can choose a box “for hobby”.

A Notepad

A stylish notebook-diary that will help students organize their time. It has all the necessary information: from sections for class schedules to special pages that will help control costs.


Many people think that giving a gel, a shampoo, a cream is boring and no one likes it. However, we think it is a good idea for a new year gift. Buy, as a gift, a gel or a cream with new tastes, or with your friend’s favorite smell. You can also buy a bath bomb or a lot of face masks. Well, if you want to surprise, you can give a set for making cream.


Nowadays it is really actual because all people use the phone almost every minute. And very often it is cut at the very wrong time. But this will not happen if you have a powerbank. This will be a very useful gift that will please everyone.

DiY House

If your friend is fond of needlework, then this will be a gift for him. DiY House is a house that you need to assemble yourself up and even furniture. The choice of houses for a gift is really affluent. You can buy a specific room, choose a design. You can create your own dream house. Make your loved ones happy with such a wonderful gift.

Tickets to the cinema theater or to the ice-rink

New Year is a great time to walk a lot and go somewhere you did not have time to go during working hours. Please your loved one and get him out of the house from the couch on New Year's holidays. The main thing is to buy tickets in advance because they simply may not stay.

Set for making healthy chocolate

The set includes products, a recipe, the necessary equipment and everything that you may like. This is a good gift for those who love to cook and sweet. This gift will not only please you, but it may also direct your sudden on the path to proper nutrition.


Eco bags help your friend embark on the right path of environmental protection. Almost everyone today thinks about what is happening with the environment in the world and how to save it. Many people want, but they say that they don’t have enough time to buy eco-bags instead of bags. Having presented such a bag to your friend, you will not only please your friend, but also save the world.

Anti-stress coloring books or toys

Today, everyone is stressed, but not everyone can cope with it. Help your friend and give him soothing coloring books or an anti-stress toy. This is a gift that will appeal to both students and working people. Also, for coloring, you can buy pencils so that a person does not feel stress, needing them. Of course, now it is really actual for student because of exams.

Meladze pillows

And especially for the students of HSE, we have a special gift idea. Meladze pillow, what could be nicer than falling asleep next to your favorite singer, you can also make a T-shirt, a mug, or collect all the songs on a flash drive. So, that your sad friend can spend time with his beloved on sad evenings.

Give something that your friends want

Exactly, years of experience tell us that for making the best gift you need ask your friend what he wants and just fulfill his dream. You will not need to worry that he will not like the gift. Well, if you still want to surprise him, you can interestingly wrap it.

Certificate for courses

Foreign languages ​​are also not superfluous, they contribute to the development of new interests and knowledge. But before acquiring a certificate for language learning, you must first find out which one the student likes. It can be foreign language courses, photographs, etc. Such gifts will not leave anyone indifferent, no matter what course a student is studying and what he will become. A personal certificate must be beautifully designed and presented, such a present will remain in your memory for a long time.

Sporting goods

Modern youth pays a lot of attention to their health - they visit gyms, fitness clubs, competitions, etc. If this is also about your student, then please him with a sports present. Sportswear - for fitness, jogging, strength training or winter disciplines. It is better if it is a well-known status brand, since students love such things and pay attention to it.

An innovation is the dumbbell clock-alarm. The device will not turn off until a certain number of times a sports apparatus has been lifted.

And how do you like a running alarm clock? He definitely will not let you oversleep, because he must first be caught to turn it off.

Tablets or e-books - portable, compact, providing access to the necessary information at any time

Teachers give a list of books to read, but not all libraries have them. You can download over a thousand different books to your gadget, saving space in your bag and money.

Smart watch

They are synchronized with the phone and promptly provide the necessary information: about incoming calls and SMS, about the weather outside, about incoming emails. Many models support third-party applications and are controlled by mobile operating systems; they can act as mobile media players.

A smart watch may include a camera, accelerometer, thermometer, GPS navigator, speaker, planner, and others. Some watches have the functionality of sports trackers (or fitness trackers). Such models can support training programs, route tracking, heart rate sensor, pedometer.

Text by
Yulia Inyakina / Elizaveta Butorina / Viktoria Volkova