Five Habits To Practice This New Year

Everybody has at least once made a typical New Year resolution such as to start eating healthy or going to the gym from the 1st of January . Alyona Antipina gives some more exciting ideas on how to make your life fuller.

Five Habits To Practice This New Year

If you want to make these days off even more successful, just follow some of the easy steps.


There are a lot of courses and yoga gurus, that can teach you how to achieve the best results in it. However, it’s not necessary to go into so much detail and sit in the lotus position for hours. It’s enough to concentrate on your senses and thoughts for a couple of minutes. Find a peaceful place and a comfortable way to let your body relax and feel the present moment.

Take time to do hobby (or something fundamentally new)

Work or study can sometimes take too long and even steal the time that you need for the rest. It’s really important to change activities during the day and regularly update your daily routine to make life more colorful. Don’t sacrifice your sleep and hobbies to complete more tasks in one period of time.

Pay more attention to your closest people

Everybody understands that some people, especially foreign students, cannot have an opportunity to spend weekends with relatives cooking meals and talking eye-to-eye. But our smartphones and other devices solve this problem partially. Call your parents and grandparents more often and be interested in their well-being. I’m sure that they will be pleasantly surprised.

Limit the time you spend in social networks

As was said before, gadgets have an advantage, but some of their drawbacks can have a bad influence on our social skills and emotional state. Messages in VK or Facebook cannot replace live communication that all of us need to have daily. It’s worth noting that the more time we spend watching videos and posts on Youtube or Instagram the more irritated and sad we feel.

Thank the world for an opportunity to live this day

It’s better to do this task in writing in your diary or copybook. Think about something that makes you laugh or feel happy today. Maybe you saw a really cute dog or had a nice cup of coffee. Try to write as many things as possible. Firstly, it will help you to get used to looking on the bright side of your everyday life. Secondly, it will be nice to go through these pages after several years and see how many joyful moments you had.

I hope that you enjoyed these pieces of advice and that it will be useful for you soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Text by
Alyona Antipina