How to Save Money on New Year's Gifts?

How to Save Money on New Year's Gifts?

It's no secret that most of students try to save on everything. However, on New Year's Day it’s not the price of the gift that matters but the diligence with which you choose and make it. That’s why Secret Santa, for example, is so popular.

A gift for the New Year isn’t just a thing, it’s necessarily an association with something warm, magical, and much more soul should be invested if you try to save money.

  • Make a Playlist

    If your friend or relative is a music lover, then make a playlist of cool music for him/her. Analyze this person’s favorite genres and give him/her a link or QR-code to the playlist.

    If this person doesn’t have a subscription to the streaming service for listening to music, then give him/her also a subscription for a month so that he/she could enjoy your playlist.

    You can also use this idea to present the best Christmas and New Year tunes when you celebrate with your family. Just don’t make this gift in a hurry, look for suitable music as it should.

  • Build a Basket of Goodies

    Build your own basket of all the goodies that your friend or relative loves. The main thing here is to pack beautifully and correctly. The combination of colors is very important, so that it’s clear that this isn’t just a basket from the store. The best option is to make colors in the same style.

    For example, tangerines are one of the main symbols of Christmas and the New year. Collect a cool orange basket containing tangerines, chocolate with tangerines, juice from tangerines, chewing gum with tangerines, etc. Either you can use some specific topic, or just collect everything that this person loves.

  • Make a Quest

    Print out clues and gifts and hide them all over the apartment. If it’s not possible to do this in the apartment, you can do it on the floors of any house.

    Most people will be happy to go through this mini-adventure and receive prizes. Think up any subject, or take New Year as the basis for questions.

  • Mount a Movie

    If you have video editing skills, then you are most likely practicing such gifts. However, if not, it’s also not a problem. It won’t matter to a loved one that something is weak in your work.

    Do the main thing from the heart. Come up with something funny, find this person’s photos, music, and use apps like iMovies or Photoshop.

  • Bake Something

    Cookies or gingerbread cookies, experiment with recipes. On the New Year, we all love to eat and it will be a great gift for your friend or family. The main thing is to cook it beautiful and tasty.

  • Fill a Mug with Magic

    As for food, you can buy a beautiful thermos or thermo mug of your choice. Better, of course, on the New Year theme. Go to the coffee house before giving it and ask to pour coffee with the New Year’s taste there. Buy also marshmallows - so that everything looks absolutely perfect for your fiend or relative.

  • Buy a Flash Drive and Fill It with Anything

    Books or movies, if you have any interesting and new ones. You can also give a person your New Year’s playlist or video clip on a flash drive. Or use it for a better selection of collaborative photos.

So, there are a huge number of options for gifts for the New year. It all depends on your imagination, and if the fantasy fails, then just come up with an approximate version of what you want to present within your budget and google how to transform it creatively.

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