Charity Xmas Fair At HSE Moscow

Сharity XMAS Fair was held at HSE in Moscow on the third of December. Anna Samoilova talks about the event.

Charity Xmas Fair At HSE Moscow

New Year's Eve is a time of miracles and magic, but some people need a fairy tale more than others. that’s why it’s important to help those who need it. that's why charity is needed and a desire to make the world a better place.

There were many charitable foundations and organizations (“Give life”, “Volunteers to help orphans”, “Rusfond”, “Old age in joy” and others) located in the main hall on Pokrovka next to the Christmas tree at the fair.

The main goal of these corners was to show that charity was great and that students had a great opportunity to help and make this world a better place. Thus, in order to help someone - you could just buy something at the fair, and all the money will be transferred to the above funds for charity. The choice of things was very large: from jewelry to clothes. Also, at the fair you could donate your unnecessary things, which were also sent to charity or for recycling.

There was a charity fund for helping elderly people and people with disabilities "Starost’ v radost’", which offered to buy clay souvenirs that older people made with their own hands in the workshop.

Charity fund "Open eyes" offered to decorate special pictures that they would then be send to a nursing home to cheer them up. Also, at the fair it was possible to make a special postcard to grandparents.

A unique opportunity of the fair was to talk with dog handlers and saw how the guide dogs that were at Pokrovka that day also work. The Training and Cynological Center "Assistant Dogs" talked about how their guide dogs for blind people and therapist dogs for children with developmental problems cope with their difficult tasks.

Students could also listen to lectures in the lecture hall and learn about all the intricacies of such a difficult field of activity as charity. 10 lectures were held in the library on the 4th floor.

Text by
Anna Samoilova