Moscow Is Calling: Places To Celebrate The New Year

Mikhail Maslov invites you to visit Moscow to celebrate the New Year.

Moscow Is Calling: Places To Celebrate The New Year

We do not look forward to any other holiday with such impatience as we do to the New Year. No other holiday unites millions of people with common values, joy and fun for everyone. When the Kremlin clock strikes twelve, people across the country will heartily congratulate each other. We love this cozy time, smelling of pine needles and tangerine peel since childhood.

We would like to share how to prepare for meeting the most magical night of 2020.

The Red Square

The clock on the Spasskaya Tower is one of the most recognisable New Year symbols, so meeting the first minutes of 2020 with a chiming clock is a great idea.

One of the significant drawbacks - there are always a lot of people on Red Square on the night of December 31, but if this does not bother you, take your friends with you and enjoy. Traditionally there are shows organised with the participation of famous Russian artists and the brightest New Year fireworks. It should be borne in mind that champagne cannot be brought with you to Red Square on New Year's Eve, so you will have to limit yourself to soft drinks.

The entrance is free.

Night Clubs

Most clubs are preparing a holiday program, so there will definitely not be problems with where to dance in the capital of Russia. By the way, you can go to the dance floor after the traditional champagne, Olivie salad and the president’s speech. In some places, parties will begin only after midnight, and in some places the entry after 24:00 will cost less.


If you want something completely unusual, then you can go on an excursion. There are many interesting offers. For example, the tour "Mystical Moscow" about the secrets, legends and traditions of the city. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka can act as guides.

Lights of the New Year’s capital” is a sightseeing tour of the most elegant squares and streets of the city with the history of the New Year holidays, games and competitions with the celebration of the New Year in one of the famous places in the capital.

You can easily find information about it in the Internet. There are a lot of different excursions with different topics.

The prices are quite affordable: from 500 rubles


It is worth to celebrate the New Year in the forest or on the banks of a frozen river at least once. You are provided with incredible silence, the safe launch of fireworks and the absence of any irritants like drunken neighbours or screaming TV. It is easy to get to the forest on public transport or by car.

There is still plenty of time until December 31, so you can find a place in the forest that your car can reach without getting stuck on the road, or easily get on public transport, buy a winter tent with a stove and thermal underwear, persuade friends and relatives and generally seriously prepare for the New Year in the wild .

At Home

It is very simple and obvious, but you can celebrate the New Year at home. Invite your friends, ask them to cook dishes of different cuisines of the world and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Whichever option you choose, remember that New Year is a holiday during which you can finally relax, plunge into the atmosphere and just eat deliciously. Do not abuse alcohol, be careful during fireworks starts and do not lose vigilance in crowded places. Do good things, try volunteering, or just send some money to a charity fund.

Have a nice New Year and successful exams!

Text by
Mikhail Maslov​​​​​​​