Places To Visit To Celebrate The New Year And Christmas

Celebrating the New Year is one of the most memorable things during the year. Anna Samoilova knows how and where to make it special.

Places To Visit To Celebrate The New Year And Christmas

There are a lot of places to celebrate the New Year all around the world. I would like to tell you about my personal choice and share it with you.


Germany has a lot of New Year fairs, they are really beautiful and deserve a separate place on this list. It is these New Year fairs that allow you to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the holiday, and the smell of mulled wine and delicious food helps to feel the whole flavor of the country
Berlin, WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt
Each year, 600 thousand people plunge into a Christmas fairy tale on Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt Square. To see the sparkling spiers of the festive tents from above, climb the roof of the French Cathedral. Although you won’t stay there for a long time: aromas of gingerbread and puff pastries of Baumkuchen will be called down. To keep warm, drink a cup of hot chocolate or a mug of mulled wine, which in German is correctly called gluevaynom.


Dates: 11/25/2019 - 12/31/2019

Finland - Helsinki and Lapland

Where to celebrate New Year - 2020 and Christmas in Europe, if not in the homeland of Santa Claus? At the end of December it is frosty on the street, up to –15 ° С, a lot of snow falls. Go to Finland for solitude and a winter fairy tale. Rent a cottage and devote your New Year holidays to outdoor activities - skiing and snowmobiling, for example. Admire the NORTHERN LIGHTS, explore the local cuisine and visit the Joulupukki residence in Lapland.

Czech Republic, Prague

The Czech Republic is another country in Europe where you can celebrate New Year's Eve 2020 gloriously. In Prague, on the Old Town Square, the main Christmas tree shining with lights is installed. There is a fair, tourists and locals walk, eat roasted almonds in spices, delicious trdeliki and drink mulled wine and mead.


The weather in Prague at the end of December is good: during the day, it can be slightly higher than 0 ° С, at night - up to −5 ° С.


This is an option for those who want to celebrate the New Year warmly and without snow. If you want to inexpensively celebrate the New Year - 2020 in Europe, go to Cyprus. In winter it is warm there, about +15 ... + 20 ° С.

You can rent a car and see the whole island until it's hot and there are no tourists.

New Year holidays on the island last from December 23 to January 6.

Thailand or Bali

For those who want to celebrate the New Year in an exotic way, there is an option to go to hot countries, where in winter they don’t know what snow and cold are. An example of such a country is Thailand or Bali, accommodation there is quite inexpensive, but you need to take care of air tickets as early as possible, because this is a fairly popular destination on these dates. However, sometimes there is nothing better than trying to celebrate the New Year under a palm tree, and not under the chiming clock

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Anna Samoilova