5 Lifehacks «How to Decorate The Christmas Tree»

5 Lifehacks «How to Decorate The Christmas Tree»

There are New Year's holidays coming up and The Christmas trees appear in every house. Usually it is decorated by the whole family, but sometimes people even order the services of florists to make their tree really fantastic. We decided to save your time and money and talk about 5 lifehacks on how to decorate the Christmas tree.

So, sit back and remember everything because Christmas tree decorating skills come in handy every year!

  • 1. Choose your color block

    This point is really important because nothing looks good if it doesn't match the interior. Choose 3 basic colors for your decor, for example, dark green, red and white or silver, blue and white.

    Don’t mix everything you have without any concert and make sure that these colors match the color of your walls, furniture, etc.

    After that, make a decision about percentage of all colors. We recommend to split it equally or give preference to a neutral color (for example, white) and use bright accents of about 30% of all toys. This step can help to make your tree really stylish.

  • 2. Calculate the number of toys

    Almost everyone faces the same dilemma: a lack of balloons and toys or too many of them. Now the problem is solved due to students of the University of Sheffield. They came up with a formula that can be used to perfect Christmas tree decoration.

    This formula does not look simple (√17/20 * (tree height in cm)), but we counted everything for you. You need 10 toys for every 50cm of tree. That’s pretty clear!

  • 3. Use different types and sizes of toys

    Now we know two main tips to achieve good results. But it is not enough yet. To make the Christmas tree voluminous and fluffy, it is better to use toys and balloons of different sizes. Don’t be afraid to buy really big balloons or tiny ones. It's time to create, to realize all your fantasies. The only rule is, the higher the branch, the fewer big toys it has.

  • 4. Light is the best decoration

    No matter how beautiful you decorate the tree, magic will not be without garlands. We recommend to use warm white light and refuse from the Soviet multicolored ones.

    First of all, they look natural.

    Secondly, they fit any design.

    Thirdly, this light will never be too much…

    But if you are afraid of overstep, the same students of the University of Sheffield found out a garland formula: π*(tree height in cm). Although we sincerely believe that there's never been too much light!

  • 5. Don’t forget about the trunk

    One detail can ruin everything! It's a trunk in the tree, and especially the bottom of it. It is always ugly. But there are several ways to save the situation:


    Many people use tinsel to hide the trunk. It looks good, although it is difficult to find a beautiful tinsel. We do not recommend buying a tinsel at all, it is not fashionable.

    Gift boxes

    This kind of decoration looks much more beautiful. In addition, gift boxes create a magical Christmas atmosphere. Isn't it cool?

    Special mini carpet

    Yes, it's already invented. We have searched all variants of New Year's carpets and can say that this is a great idea. Everyone will be able to find the perfect one.

    Fake snow

    Probably the most difficult option, but the most beautiful. There's got to be a lot of snow like that and it is very polluting, but the effect will pleasantly surprise you.

Here we go… These 5 easy tips can change your New Year decor drastically!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Text by
Anna Volkova