Creating the New Year Mood During the Session

How to get a New Year mood and not be nervous because of the session?

Creating the New Year Mood During the Session

Everyone around is in a festive mood on the eve of the New Year, but you don’t? Deadlines, quizzes, exams - all this does not allow you to relax and put moral pressure on you. So how to get a New Year mood and not be nervous because of the session?

To begin with, it’s worth to find out exactly what and when you have deadlines and exams. Follow this instruction. It will help you prepare for exams without unnecessary nerves and stress.

  • 1. Observe the assessment that you have already done

    Since the academic year started, you have already managed to get a lot of good grades, haven’t you? If I am right, then you will have more free time and less academic debts in the future. However, you don’t need to relax so much. Try to calculate the grade that you need to get at least at the end of the term, especially if your discount for the tuition fee depends on it.

  • 2. Ask teachers about examination format

    Sometimes the life of the student can be unpredictable. For example, the lesson can be postponed or examination papers can be changed the day before the test. The only thing that we can do to reduce the number of such situations is to clarify information in advance.

  • 3. Print a calendar of the coming month and distribute all your tasks

    Therefore it will be easier to estimate how much time you actually have for the preparation. Try to spread all tasks equally between working days and don’t forget to devote time for the relaxation at least at the end of the week.

  • 4. Ask for help if you need it

    There are enough ways in HSE to catch up with the education program. Sometimes teachers and their assistants hold consultations where you can ask specific questions on themes that you misunderstood. Moreover, the university has plenty of courses in Openedu and Coursera, that can help you to learn previous lectures. If even the above-mentioned methods don’t work, you can take individual classes with another tutor.

Now, Let's Create the New Year Mood

Decorate the house

This is a basis of the New Year mood. You can buy new home decorations. The process of choosing them will give you a piece of New Year's magic.

Stock up on tangerines

Of course, if you love them.


Go to the cinema as much as possible on New Year's movies! Or watch them at home. At least for the background. They will charge you with the New Year mood.

Choose gifts

Do not leave the purchase of gifts at the last moment. Go shopping and choose. Beautifully decorated display cases, gift wrapping and the selection process itself will surely entice you into the world of a festive atmosphere.

Meet friends more often

Spend more time with family and friends. Yes, yes, I remember that you have a session, but we have correctly allocated the days for preparation, so be sure to walk with friends in the beautifully decorated city center, go to cute cafes, skate, play snowballs. Such meetings are full of magic. You can meet a person whom you have not seen for a long time. New Year’s Eve is a meeting time.

Summarize the year and set goals for the new year

This will give a sense of completeness and pride in the path traveled. And, there will be motivation for achievements in the new year.

Text by
Alyona Antipina &
Yulia Kapustina