Top-5 Moscow Bars to Visit

Top-5 Moscow Bars to Visit

The HSE buildings of Moscow campus are scattered across the city. And a lot of them are located close to the bars that are extremely popular among the HSE students. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

We’d like to present you a list of bars adored by the HSE students and are not high-priced. Let’s start our guide with a famous bar “Propaganda” which was established in 1997 and became a cult Moscow place due to its input into the club culture development.


The closest HSE building: the main building on Myasnitskaya

Address: Zlatoustinskiy Bol'shoy Pereulok, 7


“Propaganda” is a well-known place for its cuisine and everyday thematic DJ-sets. In the daytime you can taste the signature sandwiches, Caesar salad and fruit cocktails in here. At night – listen to the music of different styles: Jazzy Hip-Hop, House, Techno.

“Propaganda” remains to be one of the most popular night clubs in Moscow and introduces club culture to the new generations.

Darling, I’ll call you back

The closest HSE building: HSE Media Department, Khitrovskiy pereulok

Address: Bol'shoy Spasoglinishchevskiy Pereulok, 9


Since its opening in 2010, this bar has earned love of customers. Now there’re three “Darling, I’ll call you back” spots in Moscow and two franchises in Russia. This place is special for its attention to guests and menu that’s suitable for everyone. The friendly staff makes your visit pleasant and enjoyable. Also, there’s an option of private event organization including DJ and access to music equipment.


The closest HSE building: the main building on Myasnitskaya

Address: Krivokolennyy Pereulok, 3


The Fillial bar is famous for its non-standard dishes, deserts and cocktails. “Fillial” has sophisticated interior, the key element of which is wood. The diversity of wine is pleasing too. Relaxing music and small candles on tables complement the entourage which encourages the communication between customers.


The closest HSE building: HSE Management Department on Malyy Gnezdnikovskiy Pereulok

Address: Malyy Gnezdnikovskiy Pereulok, 9/1

This bar’s known for its affordable prices for dishes and drinks. Here’s a special hall for exhibitions and performances of invited speakers like cultural activists and entrepreneurs who are ready to share their experience and interesting stories with others.

There’s no wide range of dishes. Menu is limited with little snacks and draft-cocktails. But local breakfasts are pretty popular because of their satiation and taste. For example, they serve tortilla with sun-fried tomatoes and cheese or oatmeal with whiskey and caramelized nuts.


The closest HSE building: HSE Logistics Department on Bol'shoy Trekhsvyatitel'skiy Pereulok

Address: Ulitsa Solyanka, ½


Bambule is a cozy and unusual place that reminds of West Europe of 70s with its vintage interior style. Bar menu is focused on alcohol drinks and wide selection of wines: there’re white, red, pink, sparkling and even orange wines beautifully bottled. Also, there’re several rare for Russian bars drinks like port wine, sherry, gin, mescal and absinthe.

Text by
Ksenia Shestakova &
Alexandra Shaykhutdinova