Survive Winter

Elizaveta Evdokimova knows how to live through the winter season.

Survive Winter

When the night becomes longer and the temperature drops low, it is extremely hard to get out of bed. Today we try to help you with it!

Get a light alarm

It is tough to wake up in a complete darkness, but sadly it is a common thing in Russia in winter. In December we have a late sunrise and an early sunset so you didn’t get enough light through day. Mornings also much more darker than usual so often you just want to sleep a little bit more — and end up late for classes. A light alarm can help you to compensate the lack of sunlight and will make your rising much more comfortable.

Make your life cozier

Winter can be really depressing with all the darkness and cold. Make sure you take care of yourself, get enough rest and make everything around you as cozy as possible. It is kind of a Danish style of life and it is very helpful. Get yourself a nice hot bath, make tasty tea and watch some good movie.

Check your vitamins

If you feel especially bad in winter, you probably should check balance of the vitamin D in your blood. Low balance of this vitamin can cause unpleasant symptoms like high fatiguability, sleepiness and bad mood. It is not a bad idea to go to the doctor and take necessary tests.

Take a walk

It may seem like a strange advice to walk in such kind of weather but it actually helps a lot! You will sleep better after fresh air and you will feel more cheerfully and light-headed. It also can prevent claustrophobic syndrome from being premise all the time.

Be kind to yourself

These pieces of advice are helpful for any time of the year – but especially when your body waste a lot of energy to warm you up and you can be depressed because of bad weather (and the end of the year in December!). So take time and be patient with yourself, have enough rest and do not overwork.

Text by
Elizaveta Evdokimova