How To Strengthen Immune System In The Cold Season?

Kseniia Gavrilova discusses a problem of immunity and gives some tips how to help to stay healthy in a cold season.

How To Strengthen Immune System In The Cold Season?

Autumn has come and now is the time to think about your health, especially if you have weak immunity system. So how do you know if your immunity is low?

Answer the following questions:

- Do you catch a cold easily?

- Are you sick more than twice a year?

- Do you have a chronic infection?

- Do you have any autoimmune diseases?

- Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

- How often do you get herpes?

If you answered even one question in the affirmative, your immune system needs support.

The immune system consists of a whole range of actions: changing your lifestyle, reducing stress, exercising, and taking various nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs.

We will start by looking at the reasons for the decrease in immunity:

  • unbalanced diet
  • chronic stress, neuroses and other nervous system problems
  • systematic sleep deprivation, as well as disturbance of natural biorhythms
  • long-term stay in environmentally hazardous areas
  • vitamin and trace element deficiencies
  • intestinal disorders
  • cancer diseases
  • frequent and prolonged antibiotic use
  • kidney, liver and circulatory system pathology in general

So how do you start restoring your immune system?


First, pay attention to your diet. Your daily diet should be rich in fiber from whole vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, seeds and nuts.

Adjust the amount of refined sugar in your diet. Sugar is one of the main enemies of strong immunity. Numerous studies have proven that taking 100 grams of carbohydrates in the form of glucose, fructose, sucrose, honey, and pasteurized juices reduces the ability of leukocytes to kill bacteria.

One of the most important components worth paying attention to is carotenes. Their main function is to protect the forked gland or thymus, which in turn is the main gland of our immune system. Hormones are generally extremely low in elderly people as well as in patients with cancer, AIDS and autoimmune diseases. Carotene improves the functioning of certain types of leukocytes, and is also an enhancer of antiviral drugs.

High content of carotenes is found in zucchini, red pepper, potatoes, carrots and yams, garlic, topinambour, as well as cruciferous vegetables.

Drinking regime is also very important for our health. Make sure that you drink five to six glasses of clean water a day.

Speaking of lifestyle, we must mention physical activity. Include 20 minutes of aerobic exercise in your daily plan, as well as a ten-minute stretch of all muscle groups and two or three practices of deep conscious breathing.

Food additives

Vitamin D

The first thing you should start taking with a weakened immune system is vitamin D. People with this vitamin deficiency are at risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, infertility and depression.

Vitamin D deficiency manifests itself in the form:

  • frequent colds
  • thyroid pathologies
  • signs of calcium deficiency
  • weakness and nervous breakdown

Vitamin D deficiency is regulated by taking medication. However, before drinking vitamins, it is necessary to take a blood test and on the basis of this test the doctor will prescribe the necessary dosage. It is important that this vitamin is fat-soluble, so it is worth choosing oil-based products, so they are better absorbed.

It is also worth noting that if you take a therapeutic dose of vitamin D, you should drink vitamin K2 together with it to avoid calcination of internal organs.


Remember that it is advisable to consult with your therapist or experienced naturopath. In addition, if you find yourself having problems with your immunity, you should first pay attention to your psychological health. Try to see your loved ones more often over a cup of tea, and, of course, laugh more.

Text by
Kseniia Gavrilova