Tips For Memorizing New Words In A Foreign Language

Learning languages you can face such difficulties like incapacity to keep new words in your mind. Mayya Afanaseva knows how to help.

Tips For Memorizing New Words In A Foreign Language

We compiled a list of tips that can help in learning foreign languages.


Build series of associations with new foreign words. For each human being, of course, this is individual. Try to match a new word with a consonant in your native language, thus, they phonetically fit together: for example, bread is similar with the Russian ”бред” as ramble in English. The other method is to attach a word into a situation. Imagine the word “traffic jam”, visualize how you are stuck in a stream of cars, and the line of cars stretches like confiture.


Put the new words in context. We only remember the words that we use in our active vocabulary. Come up with single sentences, whole stories without meaning, but with these foreign words. In addition, you need to listen, watch and read in the original language a lot, otherwise the words will fall out of our imaginary dictionary.

Cards with words

The classic method. Make colorful cards with the translation of words, illustrations: on the one side – a word, and on the other – its translation. You can also periodically check yourself for words. Put the cards around the house; stick them on the refrigerator, the computer or the mirror.

Constant repeating of the words

I will not reinvent the wheel: words should be repeated. Without repeating, new words do not fix in the memory. You can return to your dictionary from time to time, repeat several times a week.

Following these easy steps will definitely help you in languages learning process. 

Text by
Mayya Afanaseva