International Animal Rights Day

Olga Korotaeva and her small steps everyone can do to respect and protect animals.

International Animal Rights Day

The International Animal Rights Day is celebrated on December 10. Every year people all over the world call for the recognition of Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR). Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDAR aims to stop exploitation and killing of animals. On December 10 as well as any other day we should be kind and respectful to the silent creatures we share our planet with.

Not all Governments, however, adopt the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. Even if in your country animals are not protected by the law, there are a lot of things you personally can do to make their lives longer and happier.

Cruelty free and vegan products

All cosmetic and household products are subjected to multiple tests before appearing on the market. Unfortunately, many well-known brands conduct their tests on animals. Rabbits, rats, monkeys, cats and dogs are suffering being a hostages in laboratories.

Look at your shampoo or washing powder. Do they have a Leaping Bunny Logo or “cruelty free” inscription on them? Please, give preference to products with this sign. Their producers conduct tests using alternative methods, without resorting to violence and animal victims.

Faux fur and leather items

Today, replacing natural fur and skin is easy. At the same time, the quality and attractiveness of artificial fur and leather items do not decrease. Many people are afraid to freeze in winter in a faux fur coat. In fact, it can be worn even at -30°C.

Let us also dispel the myth of the non-eco friendliness of such materials. Basically, artificial materials are made from recycled polyester and can be reused. By contrast, we cannot bring life to an arctic fox back.

Entertainments without animals

Some entertainments such as a circus, photos with exotic animals, contact zoos, and animal riding have become a routine for many families. However, behind the show with animals participation ill-treatment and poor conditions do stand.

It is time to think not only about your leisure time, but also about the lives of animals. And since such entertainments are often produced for children, adults should explain to the new generation why this is bad. Animals must be loved and respected. Particularly, there are many entertainments that do not involve animals.

Even some little steps can change the attitude towards animals in society. Share this information with your family and friends. Maybe they need a clue or reminder to recognize that changing lives of animals in better side can also make their own lives better.

Text by
Olga Korotaeva