Staying Up All "NIGHT": Why You Should Visit The Late Night HSE Festival

Eduard Oksem shares what to expect from the notorious HSE "NIGHT" festival this year.

Staying Up All "NIGHT": Why You Should Visit The Late Night HSE Festival

Sometimes it is a must to spend an entire day at the university - deadlines and networking take much time and effort. An upcoming “NIGHT” festival is a great opportunity to go further and spend an entire evening and night there - not just to study, but to acquire valuable knowledge in a pleasurable way, meet new people and gain important experience.

The event is basically a mix of interactive activities, which allow its guests to spend a night with joy and benefit. These activities include education, entertainment and teamworking - the territory of the festival is split into special zones, that provide different kind of activities - you are totally free to choose where to participate at, so you can try everything. Also, this year the “NIGHT” will occupy the loved by many Pokrovka Complex, which gives its guests the opportunity to figure out, how it is like to spend long nights at the Pokrovka 24/7 library. The event will occur on December 14, the doors will be open at 18:00.

This year the glorious “NIGHT” festival is being held by HSE for the third time - the previous events in 2017 and 2018 were packed with famous guests, professionals and other interesting people who shared their valuable knowledge with all the participants.


The festival will involve public speeches, lectures, master classes on different topics, which represent a big interest in a contemporary society and reflect to the following topics:

  • Movies & Series

Do you enjoy spending your evenings watching Netflix? Then dive into the process of moviemaking with the professionals of the field at “NIGHT”. You will learn about World’s best directors and film producers, meet familiar-sounding voice actors, create your own sounds for movies with sound engineers and much more. Of course, the programme of the festival includes watching movies, but it is only one of the options of how to spend your “NIGHT”.

  • Literature

Experienced writers, comic book artists and literature critics will guide you through the wonderful imaginary world of literature, packed with plot twists, vivid characters and untold stories. You are free to attend lectures and master-classes on any genre and theme, no matter of your reading preferences. The knowledge provided by the specialists is truly unique and worthy, even if you are not planning to publish your biography yet.

  • Media

It is impossible to avoid being a part of a society today. The “NIGHT” festival offers you to get more acknowledged with the ecosystem of mass media, social networks, television, and other instruments that the communication process requires. The event will bring to you both the university specialists and other masters of media diplomacy from PR agencies and media - TeleVyshka, for example will also take part in the event to uncover the secrets of video production and broadcasting.

  • Gaming

Video games are loved by many - most of us used to spend whole days fighting monsters and looting castles. The event will provide various activities on the topic - master-classes and speeches from people involved into gaming industry, interactive sessions and virtual reality. What is more, you can play Mafia and decide who is the real one – it is going to be the person who will be strong enough to stay awake all “NIGHT”.

  • Art

Are you an often guest of museums, concerts and theaters? A big part of the action happening at “NIGHT” is devoted to various forms of contemporary art! Learn about music, drawing, performing arts and much more with talented creators in different fields of art. Learn how to sketch and use your chance to be among the first people to see a real theatrical play under the roof of HSE.

  • Science

Conducting researches makes up most of work for many students. If you are interested in scientific activity as a career path or you want to introduce yourself to the scientific community, there is a perfect opportunity. Qualified researchers will share their experience they received when carrying out studies, tell about the most hilarious research fails they had, and, of course, debate over the most pressing issues of scientific sphere.

Now, I believe you are convinced that the “NIGHT” is an event worth visiting. If you are in anticipation of your nighttime adventures at Pokrovka Complex, register here - it is necessary!

More information about the “NIGHT” 2019 can be found at the event page on HSE website. Also visit the event pages on VK and Facebook.

Text by
Eduard Oksem