Benefits For Students In Moscow

Students like discounts. We compiled a list of places where you can receive a discount.

Benefits For Students In Moscow

Being a student is not economically easy.  You are always in a search for a part-time job, but at the same time, you are forced to pay for a student dormitory, buy food, household things, sometimes clothes. That is why we’ve surfed the entire Internet and found for you and put together shops, coffee houses, cinemas and museums that offer you a good discount or can be visited for free if you a student! Enjoy it!

Russian culture is multifaceted and amazing - music, history, statues, literature. Who does not like to go to museums and learn something new?  However, it is doubly pleasant to enjoy popular and beloved museums in Moscow with a discount!


Intercity transport:

When buying a ticket (student social card), you can get a discount on travel on the subway, buses, trolleybuses, trams. The fare in the Moscow metro is 2770 rubles per month, for student - only 395 rubles.


In 2019, suburban passenger companies introduced subscription tickets with a 50% discount valid for students of secondary and higher educational institutions. The procedure for providing this benefit is governed by an agreement between suburban transport companies and executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


  1. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts - for students a discount ticket costs 100 rubles. Also there is a free entrance for all students every week on Thursdays.  Students of design faculty can go always for free.
  2. State Historical Museum - a discount ticket for students costs 150 rubles. Moreover, it is free for each student on the last Sunday of the month.
  3. Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve – a ticket for visiting all the museum's attractions costs 340 rubles for students.
  4. Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Sergey Yesenin Museum, Moscow literary Museum Center of K. G. Paustovsky, Vladimir Vysotsky's house-museum - all of them are free for students permanently.
  5. Museum of N.V. Gogol – a student’s ticket for 100 rubles.
  6. Museum-apartment of Dostoevsky - student’s ticket is 150 rubles (also excursions in English are offered for an additional fee)
  7. Museum of Cosmonautics - a discount ticket for 150 rubles. Every third Sunday of the month admission to the museum is free.
  8. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art - a discount ticket for 250 rubles to students.  Now the autumn offer is taking place - you can get a free ticket to gallery on Friday from 17:00 to 20:00.
  9. The State Darwin Museum - one of the best museums in Moscow, where you can have fun with your friends in the silence and coolness of the halls of the main exposition, and interactive exhibits and multimedia shows will not let you get bored while studying evolutionary theories and understanding the flora and fauna. Students can enter the main building for 80 rubles and to the exhibition complex for 30 rubles. A single ticket will cost 100 rubles.

Art Galleries

The best decision to spend time with pleasure and benefit is to go to the art gallery.  Do you like contemporary or classic art?  In Moscow you can find both! In addition, you can visit exhibitions for every taste.

  1. The Tretyakov Gallery - a discount ticket costs 150 rubles. In addition, it’s free for all students in the first and second Sunday of each month. For students studying design, the admission is always free.
  2.  Artplay Exhibition Center - most of the exhibitions have free entrance, while for most paid ones there are benefits for students. Anyway, it is worth checking on the website.
  3.  Flacon Design Factory is a modern design space in the territory of which various free lectures / exhibitions / festivals are organized. Most of them are free, so check it out!


If you are oversaturated with culture, you can also go have fun with a friend.  Fortunately, in this category Moscow also offers a large number of discounts for students.

  1. The Bolshoi Theater - all students are given the opportunity to purchase tickets for the performances of the New and Historical stages of the Bolshoi Theater for 100 rubles.  Ticket sales for morning performances open at 10:00, daytime at 12:00, and evening at 16:00.  The main condition is that each person can take only one ticket. The number of tickets is limited.
  2. Moscow Planetarium - 10% discount for students on any ticket is offered
  3. Moscow Zoo – free entrance for all students. Students will be given the opportunity to observe the life of wild animals from different parts of the world for free. To date, the menagerie boasts 1,100 species of inhabitants.
  4. Karo Film cinema chain - from Monday to Wednesday until 17:59 students receive a 50% discount on movie tickets
  5. IMAX Cinema - 20% discount on movie tickets for students
  6. If you want to cross Moscow River and see the city from the above the funicular railway in Luzhniki provides preferential tickets for students.
  7. Water park “Kva-kva park” is one of the most popular water parks in Moscow. From Monday to Friday it offers a 50% discount on entrance tickets.
  8. Moscow Planetarium – romance is an integral companion of student times. Walking nights in the company of cheerful classmates or new love - what could be better. Observing the starry sky above your head, regardless of the weather and time of day - this is what they go to the planetarium for. Here you can not only admire the flickering constellations, but also find out many interesting facts about the structure of the Universe. Students will receive a 10% discount, and if you arrive on your birthday, the discount will increase to 20%.
  9. Biblio-Globus Bookstore – so that the craving for knowledge does not hit the wallet, students can draw up a discount card. For this you need to show a student ID. Thus, the cost of purchased books will be reduced by 3%. And also, the store often holds promotions, alerts you can receive on your mobile phone. During promotions, discounts range from 15 to 20%.


Winter has come and now it‘s time to drink more cocoa, coffee and tea.  The coffee houses are always warm and cozy.  Here you can do a couple of tasks or relax after lessons with friends.

  1. Jeffrey’s Coffee- a 20% student discount
  2. Black Milk coffee shop at Bolshoi Spasoglinishinkiy pereulok – a 20% student discount.
  3. Old Grinder coffee shop- 15% off all products
  4. Espressium coffee shop- a small cappuccino for 100 rubles if you show a student ID.
  5. Double B coffee shop on Paveletskaya - a small cappuccino costs 150 rubles if you show your student card.


And of course, in the end, we have found for you how to buy at a pleasant price the most important things for a student - textbooks, medicines and cosmetics (for girls this is a necessity, and for boys it’s a good gift idea)

  1. Pharmacy - 5-10% discount on the entire range upon presentation of a Muscovite social card.
  2. Cosmetics store "Podryshka" - 5% discount on the entire range upon presentation of a Muscovite social card.


P.s.  All discounts are valid only upon presentation of a student ID.

Hope you find these places useful and will enjoy your time in Moscow even more!

Text by

Anastasia Sosina

Polina Kukushkina

Liubov Ladyka