Top-10 Clothes Trends From HSE Designer

Elizaveta Butorina and Viktoria Volkova  would like to share 10 clothes trend from designers of HSE.

Top-10 Clothes Trends From HSE Designer

Nowadays it is really hard to follow to each trend. Fashion  have become expandable category and everyone wears that he wants. However, people try to use of some trends to their look. We would like to tell you some trends that will not scare you and surroundings.

Bike shorts

In continuation to fashion sport trend  bike shorts appears on podium. It is possible to wear it with sneakers and high heels. This is convenient for everyday life and special occasions. You can combine it with hoodies, jean jackets, pullovers, cardigans and blazers. Moreover, it is possible to wear bike shorts with sundresses and skirts. If you put on bike short with long white shirt, you will be very fashion person.


Big clothes have been in the wardrobe of every person for a long time. Nowadays it is not only comfortable, but fashionable. It does not obscure your movements and give more space for action. No one will not stare at you if you wear sweatshirts that is large than you. Oversize make your figure is more refined, feminine and hide imperfections. This style clashing with jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts and bike shorts. Not only top half of clothes can be oversize, but lower part of clothes. It is possible to put on big kind of trousers with belts and suspenders.

Cowgirls boots and shoes of square form

If you do not know how to make your look more stylish, interesting shoes are for you. Cowgirls boots that are loved by everyone will be perfect addition for your wardrobe. You can wear it with any kind of clothes such as trousers or feminine dresses and many others. If you do not like experiments, you should buy usual white cowgirls boots. In the other way, you can chose it with special design. One more trend it is shoes of square form. It is not only stylish, but it is really comfortable. This shoes have sustainable heels thanks to which you cannot twist an ankle. If it is good footwear, you will not feel tired after the whole day in these shoes.

Mini bags

Everyone used to big bags where you have everything, but can find nothing. However, nowadays it is not as fashionable as before. Mini shoulder bags and some fanny packs look stylish. It seem to be that there is no space for your stuffs, but the most important things will fit in your bag and you will not take extra ones.If you afraid of looking strange, remember that Gigi Hadid collects mini bags or look at new collection by Jacquemus.

Animal print

Most people think that animal print left in the past. However, fashion is cyclic and nowadays animal print is reborn. Designers use it not only on dresses and jackets, but on tights. Do not afraid of being extravagant, because designers thing that it is really stylish. A lot of people will think that you are fashion person, but, of course, there are always be some people who conceive of you as a crazy person. What is why you can buy a little thing with animal print, for example, bag or scarf. However, if you are brave, you can buy eco-leopard coat.


Most people believe that clothes with glitter can be wear only at childhood. However, designers have proved that it is not and nowadays adults wear it. Dresses with glitter, trousers with glitter, skirts with glitter, shirt with glitter and others clothes, it sounds incredible, but it is truth. You can put on clothes with glitter not only on a party. However, be careful; do not overdo glitters in your look. If you use it a lot, you will be unfashionable.

Checkerboard clothes

It seems that checkerboard clothes should have gone out of fashion long ago, but it did not happen. Nowadays checkerboard is really popular, people put on it to work, party or meeting with friends. You can find suits, jackets, trousers and other clothes with this print in shops. In this season accent is on gray and bright checkerboards.

Ready-faded jeans clothes

We remember ready-faded jeans clothes with 80s. Our parents told us how they reboiled the jeans clothes. Fortunately, nowadays people do not need to do it. You can find it in shops. Also, if you want to be in trend, go to shop and buy it.

Sheepskin coats

If you have not bought a winter coat, sheepskin is special for you. What can be better than to roll in sheepskin in cold winter. It is not only stylish, but it is comfortable and warm. You can find a lot of eco fur coat in shops. If you like extraordinary looks, you can buy colorful, bright sheepskin, but if you usually wear classic style and do not want to change it, you chose basic colors.


Nowadays we can see people who wear only leather clothes. It is wearied, but it is trend. You can buy jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts and other clothes that are made of leather. It does not matter what color are your leather clothes.

In conclusion we would like to say that it is not so important what you wear, but is important what kind of person you are. Make yourselves prettier as inside as outside.

Text by
Elizaveta Butorina and
Viktoria Volkova