How To Use YouTube For Self-Education

Ksenya Zhelezova on how YouTube can help students to receive more useful information.

How To Use YouTube For Self-Education

As long as we try to erase our intellectuality, we cannot imagine that YouTube can be as beneficial as university lectures. These are five most helpful channels for those who want to broaden their minds – from  simple short lessons to hardcore lectures.

  1. If you are into science but you don’t want to waste more than 15 minutes to understand basics of programming Siraj Raval is for you. A handsome and charismatic man he will guide you through your learning path. He calls himself «a technology activist on a mission to spread data literacy». Siraj’s videos help to simplify artificial Intelligence, mathematics, science and technology topics.
  2. Crash Course. Videos are full of animated elements so they are aesthetically pleasant and colorful. There you can find both technical and liberal arts, explanations of contradictory topics. Recommend you to check out the playlists for past courses in philosophy, games, economics, astronomy, world history, biology, literature, psychology and more.
  3. Let’s build that app. Useful channel for future coders and app creators. A professional developer will show you how to build working apps from the AppStore, YouTube, Facebook, FB Messenger.
  4. MIT OpenCourseWare - web-based lectures recorded from Massachusetts        Institute of Technology. There are more than 2400 courses available. This is a great opportunity to feel like you are a student of the legendary American university. Choose any subject you are interested in and dive into world of science.
  5. Stanford University right into your laptop – it’s more real that you think. This channel includes lectures «Developing Apps for iOS» in which professor Paul Hegarty provides an overview of the lecture series and introduces the different components in iOS apps. He concludes with a demo of Concentration Game.

We hope that this compilation will provide you with beneficial information.

Text by
Ksenya Zhelezova