How To Work In A Team

Alexandra Borshchenyuk knows how to work in a team.

How To Work In A Team

HSE students are always engaged in group projects. In order to have a successful result, you must know how to work in a team.
Moreover, the ability to work in a team is a valuable quality that attracts employers. It is impossible to implement a large project without the coordinated actions of many employees.

Make decisions together

If your opinion differs from the general opinion of the majority, arrange a meeting at which try to prove the advantages of your position and find a compromise. If opinions are divided, a vote must be taken. And then just follow the path chosen by the team.

You work in a team, which means that all members have the same rights to uphold their approach to solving a particular problem.


Working on a project is a great opportunity to share knowledge and skills between participants. Everyone in the group can teach others something new, whether it is making creative presentations or the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze the market.

A team is not your family

Perhaps team members do not particularly sympathize with you, but you should not openly express your feelings. Remember: your attitude to a particular person should not interfere with teamwork. Try to work not with a person, but with his thoughts and actions in relation to the overall project.


No one likes being criticized. But, if you work in a team, you need to learn how to calmly accept criticism. Anyone can make a mistake, do something wrong, fail, and criticism from the team will help to achieve the best final result.

Distribute responsibilities

Teamwork involves the skillful distribution of responsibilities. Each participant should have his own task, for which he is responsible. Everyone should understand what is expected of him, exactly what tasks he must complete and in what time frame. Someone is responsible for finding information, someone for creating a presentation.

You need to trust your colleagues in the project, as everyone in the team works for a common result and is interested in the success of the project. Excessive anxiety and worrying will only do harm.

Strictly stick to the plan

Be sure to write down the most detailed action plan, set stages deadlines. Then you will clearly know with whom you can ask in case of violation of the deadlines, and not look for the perpetrators and sort things out. Implementation of the plan and meeting deadlines is the main thing in your work. If you understand that the plan needs to be adjusted, gather people and discuss possible changes.

Listening skills

When working in a team, you need to respect each other. This includes the ability to listen and hear. The opinion of each participant is important and should be heard, and then submitted to the general discussion.