A Guide on How To Find A Dream Internship

A Guide on How To Find A Dream Internship

Today, the fact of having a higher education diploma does not guarantee that you will be immediately overwhelmed with job offers after graduation. At the university you get the necessary knowledge in the chosen specialty, and, most likely, you will have to look for something to put your knowledge into practice.

Often, even before graduation, a desire arises to acquire work experience and practical skills for starting a career. The best way to do this is to do an internship. And I'd like to share with you a selection of sites and services for finding one that will be perfect for you!


This is a resource that collects the best internships and starting vacancies on the market. It was created specifically for students and graduates to find an interesting internship or job, and for companies to find excellent interns and young specialists. Here you can find a cool internship or a starting position in any professional field, and in addition, make yourself a cool CV in a special constructor.

Link: http://www.grintern.ru


It may be the one of the most famous job search sites in Russia. HeadHunter has a separate page for students, where hundreds of internships and vacancies for young professionals are posted. The advantages of the site include a large number of internships and the presence of well-known brands among employers. Another benefit is that the site automatically recognizes your location and helps you find a job or internship near your home.

Link: https://hh.ru/catalog/Nachalo-karery-Studenty


In addition to internship options, on the site you can find a lot of useful information about employers and interesting career opportunities for specialists without work experience. This can be educational articles with tips on creating a resume, ratings of employers and universities, announcements of events. By the way, they are really cool!

For example, lectures on marketing, a master class on how to get a job interview, business breakfasts, case championships. In such championships, participants must find the best solution to the problem for a business, using the available theoretical knowledge and general erudition. This is a good point in your resume. Also, an experience in solving business problems will be useful in interviews and in work.

Link: https://changellenge.com

Future Today

The site created by Future Today provides information on open internships not only in Russian, but also in international companies. In addition, announcements of interesting career events and educational events are often published. For your convenience, you can subscribe on VK, where interesting lifehacks for students are published every day, in addition to internships.

Link: https://fut.ru/catalog/

Telegram channels

Telegram, which is very popular today, is a good source for finding internships. Often, whole specialized communities gather there, where you can not only ask more experienced colleagues for advice, but also find interesting vacancies. Now I will give the links to the most interesting and my favourite channels:

I advise you to pay attention to two more points.

Firstly, if you want to take an internship in a particular company, then look at its website, social networks. For example, Condé Nast announces its internships on public pages in social networks and at the job fairs.

Secondly, start at the university. Find out any career events are organized at your university - there you can immediately get acquainted with representatives of companies of interest, exchange contacts or leave a resume.


Useful HSE links:





Good luck!

Text by
Anna Bogun