Alexandra Belyaeva knows how to stay motivated. 


In attempts to combine study, rest, entertainment and self-education, it sometimes becomes very difficult for students to concentrate on each business. Sometimes overload makes itself felt, and in such cases, the desire to do something disappears. Motivation and striving for business are the key to successfully completed work, internal satisfaction and, in general, an integral part of both study, work and hobbies.

You can often hear: “I have no motivation to do this!” or “I want to throw in the towel, it’s over”. By the way, sometimes you can say that to yourself, your parents or friends, especially when you overtired or when you feel blue. All of this thoughts and words are caused by a lack of motivation.

I will try to define what motivation is. Firstly, it is a stormy mixture of the desire to do and accomplish something that you find important, emotions that caused by your business and your confidence in results and profits of it. Secondly, it is the power that makes you wake up each morning with energy, ready to start your day and being productive in every conversation and deal. Finally, motivation is the engine of progress in life! When you feel motivated to do something (no matter what exactly) the benefits of the process and final results will bring you double pleasure. Not only for you, but also for others. People usually notice those who is giving it one’s best shot, do not forget about it, sometimes it moves you to move on.

Some people believe, that “being unmotivated” means the same as procrastination and laziness. Well, it may seem that this is true, but:

Procrastination means that you are trying to avoid your work and put in o tomorrow, next week or month, but when deadline is coming, you are trying to do it as fast as it is possible. Many of HSE’s students know it from their experience. It is caused by destructive feelings and by situations when you are not in the mood to do business. At the same time the very first reason of procrastination is when motivation absences. Chronic procrastinating people, by the way, make up 20% of the world's population, are more impulsive, eccentric and unpredictable than other people, less focused on details and their own obligations to others.

Laziness can be controlled by you or some people around. Between the concepts of laziness and procrastination there is a huge gap and scientists have confirmed this. Laziness is a reluctance to do anything or everything. However, it has an important difference from procrastination: in favor of laziness, we avoid working completely, while procrastination is the constant putting off some affairs for later and their hasty performance at the last moment.

To sum it up, both terms are different not only to each other, but to the issue of this article too.

There are many factors that take away our desire for doing anything: misunderstanding by parents and the whole society, bad mood, illnesses, uncertainty, etc. It cannot be denied that in some ways, it is quietly complex to deal with them, but still there are several methods to help you find the strength to move on. Let us name them.

Sometimes it is better to concentrate on what you think

As mentioned above, the opinions of others do sometimes help a person to find strength in him-/herself and show the best result. However, in some cases, it is more important to concentrate on your own feelings and desires. If you feel uncomfortable with your deal, try to find a creative way of task performance, do not be afraid of asking for help or if it gone so far just try to avoid it (not if it is vitally important or concerns your work, study or relationship).

Remember about your rest and free time 

Sometimes I feel lack of motivation since I am overwork. Five minutes of your favorite song or delicious dish will give you extra-power!

Plan your time

It is important. The most comfortable for me is the way when I am working and taking breaks every hour for fifteen minutes.

Thoughts do materialize

Thinking often of your goal and accepting the idea that it can come true can increase your motivation and strengthen your desire to achieve it.

Start taking small steps toward your goal right now

Separate your task and do it step by step, it is much easier to complete, not when you try to concentrate on the whole list of deals.

Make your goal very clear

Writing it down will help you describe it in clear and concise words. The more specific it is, the easier it would be to focus on it and get yourself motivated.

Understand that finishing what you start is important

Whatever you start doing you have to finish. Develop the habit of going to the finish line.

It is important to learn and study, but try to think not only about it

When you find out that you have extra-classes, hobbies, meetings you will be motivated to finish your work and start doing what you want. Believe me - you will have aspirations for it.
Life consists not only of work and study. Do not forget, that while you are in university you have many opportunities to find yourself in this world. Find some time for you between this endless homework. Set a goal to finish all your affairs, and then go for a walk or do what you love: it is the key for desire to be active outside the university.

Find motivation in other people

I am not talking about reading inspiring books of popular people or motivating quotes. It does not work, since you are a different person, with other goals, skills, and facilities. Look at people around you who give you their attention and approval, criticize your work and help find new strength.

Motivation is often the result of action, not the cause of it. Getting started, even in very small ways, is a form of active inspiration that naturally produces momentum. Being motivated means being confident in your success.

Text by
Alexandra Belyaeva