How Not To Lose Your Mind At HSE

Elizaveta Butorina and Viktoria Volkova talk about some ways of keeping healthy at HSE.

How Not To Lose Your Mind At HSE

Students often have some psychological problems during their study years. It is hard to solve them by yourself. Our university provides some ways for students for keeping their mental health. We are going to share them with you.

First, we would like to emphasize the importance of individual consultations with psychologists. You can set up an arrangement with a specialist by phone, which you can find on the web-site ( or it is possible to fill in the form on the same site. Full confidentiality is guaranteed. Do not be afraid of this consultation because it can help you to overcome social barrier, to understand what happens in your life, to make right decisions in difficult situation, to change your behavior, to build up self-confidence and to realize your potential. It is possible to talk to a psychologist if you have any self-doubts, get insecure, get depressed, and feel stressed, fear and experience loneliness or other life difficulties.

However, students who addressed for such help, mention that  there are difficulties with arramging a consultation with a specialist, you cannot choose time of visiting by yourself and there is a long break between your consultations.

Be aware that psychologists can give you something like homework. Our University is trying to solve the problem with the lack of specialists. For example, a new office of psychological help opened its doors on Staraya Basmannaya 21/4.

Besides, HSE created Emotional Support Hotline (8-800-250-04-33). Professional psychologists are aware of all the study trajectories and possible problems, so they will be able to connect university staff to solve students’ problems. The Hotline works 24/7. It is free for a caller (on the territory of Russian Federation). It is anonymous, that is why you do not need to use your real name. All information that was received during the call will not be use in the future and will not be transferred to others without a permission.

Moreover, there are group programs that help to get new experience, obtain knowledge and skills, thanks to which you can make your life more exciting. You are provided with professional self-fulfillment trainings, psychological cinema club “Me and others”, art therapeutic meetings, course “Emotional intellect”; dance-motor therapy, PLAYBACK – theatre, DBT – training of skills.

Students can attend different classes to find out more about burnout, depression, psychological problems, which can occur during the study at the university, stress from living in megapolises and many other issues that worry modern young people. By the way, you can sign-up to yoga therapy course “Breathing. Motor. Emotions.” This activity will take place from the 4th to 25th of December (you have to check in).

Timetable of other activities you can find here:

Finally, we would like to tell you about the event that takes place at HSE – canis therapy (dog therapy). It is a method of psychotherapy and rehabilitation, which is aimed at improving  psycho-emotional well-being thanks to communication  with special dogs. These animals help students to relieve stress during the study and receive positive emotions. People can pet, hug and play with dogs, create some handmaids from wool and take photos. This kind of events have already taken place in Dubki and Hitrovka. Dogs were friendly to students. These animals help you to overcome bad feelings, make your socialization better and we need to remember that dogs inspire and motivate people.

To sum it up, we would like to tell you that feeling sad is normal. You do not need to be afraid of it and to hide it. Do not be embarrassed asking for help. Do not forget about relaxing, meeting with friends and having a good time during the study.

Text by
Elizaveta Butorina and
Viktoria Volkova