Best Apps for Active Life in Moscow

Best Apps for Active Life in Moscow

Moscow is a big modern city which is developing rapidly today. It’s impossible to imagine its active inhabitant without any smartphone or other portable device with the Internet access. In today’s world, most people’s lives are concentrated in their phones: there are all the messages, e-mails, working materials and personal photos. At the same time, your smartphone is not only a communication tool but it also can be your multifunctional assistant — a personal fitness instructor or even a doctor, depends on what apps you’re using.

There are dozens of mobile apps that can make life much easier for inhabitants and foreigners in Moscow. Today we’ll tell you about some of them.

iTranslate Converse

This app is a real-time speech translator that supports 38 languages. You have some problems with buying bread in the nearest grocery store because the grocer doesn’t understand you? The app will solve this problem.

Moscow Metro (Метро Москвы)

It’s impossible to imagine an active Muscovite without the app with the map of Moscow metro (except for those with the outstanding memory who managed to remember it all). With this app you can not only find the station you need or find the shortest route and pay for the ticket, but also find out the latest metro news. 7 languages are supported.

Yandex.Taxi or Uber

The most popular taxi services in Russia. Today, both apps work together meaning that drivers don’t share orders. They can take them simultaneously in both services which reduces the time of looking for a car by a passenger. 21 languages are supported.

Delisamokat (Делисамокат) or YouDrive lite

 Since 2018, services for renting electric scooters by Delimobil and YouDrive car sharing networks are available in Moscow. Now you can reach you destination without public transport not only by taxi or by bike but also by electric scooter. It’s necessary to register and enter your identity details (as in all car sharing services), but the prices are quite affordable and the ride itself is a great pleasure. Russian and English languages are supported.

Wi-Fi Map

Who hasn’t been looking for Wi-Fi in the city centre? This app makes searching much easier. It contains a database of passwords for closed wireless networks and shows them on a map. Other users can also help with passwords for closed networks that are not in the list. Russian and English languages are supported.

Get to Know Moscow (Узнай Москву)

The best app for walking in Moscow. The map shows all the sights in the city with descriptions and photos. You can listen to an audio tour or take a walk along the ready-made walking routes. Russian and English languages are supported.

Artguide (Артгид)

This is a unique guide to the artistic life of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The app allows you not to get lost in rich cultural life of two Russian capitals, as well as to learn all the necessary information about museums, galleries, exhibition centres and festivals. You will be able to lay routes to the nearest exhibitions and receive reminders of events that might interest you, as well. Russian and English languages are supported.

Coffee Map (Кофейная карта)

This app is for sleepy students and other coffee-lovers. It combines 300 of the best coffeehouses in Moscow with brief information about them and the ability to build a route to the nearest one. The list of cafes is constantly updated, Russian and English languages are supported.

Foursquare City Guide

The application that many of you may already be familiar with for many years. One of the handiest services to look for the best cafes, restaurants and bars in many countries all over the world, not only in Moscow. 13 languages are supported.


Still look for your class schedule on the HSE website? With this app, this can be done much easier and faster. You just need to enter the name (yours, your classmate’s or teacher’s) and the app will display the necessary schedule. You can also create a deadline and share it with the group, if it’s necessary. Russian and English languages are supported.

Text by
Anna Zhuravleva  (Timkina)