10 Tips for Surviving in HSE

10 Tips for Surviving in HSE

Student life is full of many interesting things: you learn a lot, make new friends and begin to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of adult life. But how not to get confused and cope with all the problems? I decided to make a list of the things that help me to survive in the HSE. Hope these tips will help you. So, let’s start.

School is not a school

First of all, you need to forget things you were taught at school. University is not a school, it has completely different rules. Study is now only your problem. If you haven’t done something, no one will call your mother or ask for your homework several times. That’s your business.

Participation in seminars

It’s very important to be active on the courses. If you answer a lot in class, teacher will remember you and you will even get a chance to "automatic" evaluation (without examination).

Do everything on time

Prepare for the session in advance. If you studied well during semester, the session will not be so stressful for you. Distribute preparation, eat healthy food and get enough sleep.

Don’t miss your lectures and seminars

If a student skips lectures, he/she misses the material. Besides, he/she can get into the "black list" of the teacher and have problems on the exam.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Curators, teachers and study office are always ready to help you.


University life consists not only of study, but also of communication and hangouts, so it is important to establish communication with groupmates.

Time management

Learn to allocate time enough for visiting the University, independent training and rest.


Start working on projects from the first year, because you will have less time during following years.

Libraries and reading rooms

Find the libraries and reading rooms, because some information can’t be found on the Internet.


Rest helps the brain to fight stress. Studying without rest is the way to breakdowns and exhaustion of the nervous system.

Follow these tips and it will be easier for you to “survive” in HSE.

Text by
Julia Gololobova