Bolshoi Theater At Affordable Price

Olga Korotaeva shares some tips on how to visit Bolshoi Theater having a small amount of money.

Bolshoi Theater At Affordable Price

The Bolshoi Theater is one of the most significant opera and ballet theaters in Russia and around the world.

This is a symbol of Moscow: every tourist seeks to come to the performance or at least take a picture in front of the Historic building.

However, watching a performance in Bolshoi Theater is an expensive pleasure. Tickets for ballet performed at the Historic stage start with 5000 rubles. To sit comfortably in the stalls you have to pay 15000 rubles. If it is too much for you, there are some ways to pay less for the entrance.

The Bolshoi for Students

In 2005 the Bolshoi Theater introduced the program ‘The Bolshoi for students’. According to the program, full time students of Russian institutions can buy a preferential ticket for performances at Historic and New Stages of The Bolshoi Theater. The cost of tickets is 100-200 rubles. When buying a ticket as well as at the gate control, ticket owner should present his or her Student ID.

The Bolshoi for Young People

Ten years later ‘The Bolshoi for Young People’ program was launched. Preferential tickets under this program are available for all Russian citizens from 16 to 25 years old. Information on the performances under the program is published on the Theatre website in Your Visit section. When buying a ticket as well as at the gate control, ticket owner should present his or her Passport.

Theater Historic Building Tours

If it is not possible to get to the performance, you can visit the Historic building with a guided tour. Theatre tours are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Russian guided tour starts at 11:00 and costs 1500 rubles, English guided tour starts at 11:30 and costs 2000 rubles. For school children, full time students and retired people the price is 500 rubles.

Text by 
Olga Korotaeva