Master Programs At HSE In Saint Petersburg

Where to find information on Master Programs at HSE in Saint Petersburg? Tatiana Peregudova knows.

Master Programs At HSE In Saint Petersburg

Are you an applicant of a Master Program? Are you looking for something really professional, interesting and actual? Is it important for you to study in a big city with a plenty of cultural, educational and fashionable events and various places for leisure? Then it is definitely a smart decision to study at HSE in Saint-Petersburg.

On October 11, 2019, there was an Open Day for Master Programs applicants in HSE in Saint Petersburg. HSE in Saint Petersburg has a number of new Master Programs starting in September of 2020.  All of them together with the existed ones were introduced to the visitors during that day.

What and how many?

22 Master Programs are presented at HSE in St. Petersburg. Russian government, HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers are available almost for each program.

HSE University in Saint Petersburg opens several new Master programs – Media Production and Media Analyses, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, and Russian Literature in Cross-cultural and Intermedial Perspective.

Why HSE?

Our university is not only distinguished by the variety of programs. In addition to the fact that each program is interesting in its own way and often has no analogues in Russia. Some faculties have partner Universities. For instance, Program “Business and Politics in Modern Asia” has three of them: Beijung Normal University, Fudan University and University of Vienna. Moreover, professors of our University are well known in the world scientists and researchers.

All important information can be found on the official web site: in Russian and for international students.

Text by
Tatiana Peregudova