10 Ideas How To Celebrate Halloween In Saint Petersburg

If you do not know how to celebrate Halloween in Saint Petersburg, Yuliya Pilipchuk suggests 10 good ideas how to spend the scariest night of the year.



Hallowwen became a very popular thematic holiday among young people in Russia. Here are some of the places where you can go to become part of of the holiday in Saint Petersburg.

Starkon: Halloween

It is a great celebration of the day of the living dead, magic, ghosts and vampires! On the first weekend of November, a huge amusement park in the style of the USA circuses will open in the Lenexpo. It offers 12 interactive stands, a carnival, a unique theme fair, 500 participants in the creepy costumes, performances by magicians, jugglers and acrobats, film screenings, meetings with artists and bloggers.

Price: 900-1200 rubles

Where: Lenexpo

When: 2nd - 3rd of November

City Halloween

The city "Halloween 2019" will be held in the Babushkin Park of Culture and Rest. The guests of the mystical festival will enjoy a pyrotechnic and fire show, an exhibition of Jack's lanterns, a master class on creating pumpkins, a photo zone. By tradition, there will be costume carnival: participants will receive prizes for the best image!

Price: 300 rubles

Where: the Babushkin Park of Culture and Rest

When: 31st of October, 1st - 2nd of November

Concert “Halloween”

Amadeus Concerts offer the most unexpected solution to celebrate Halloween at a concert in the Lutheran Temple to enjoy the mystical music performed by great musicians. Guests will learn the history of works and authors; hear the beautiful music of the organ, violin, and piano.

Price: 1000-1800 rubles

Where: Concert Hall Jaani Kirik

Where: 31st of October

Immersive show “Returning”

A new theatre project with the effect of complete immersion starts in a mansion on Palace Embankment. The production was based on the “Ghosts”, play by Henrik Ibsen. Director Miguel (the famous Russian choreographer) calls “Returning” a theatrical work with deep meanings and drama.

Price: 3500 rubles

Where: Palace Embankment 20

When: 31st of October, 1st - 2nd of November

Organ concert

Amadeus Concerts invited one of the most famous virtuoso organists of the planet Grace Eunhye Oh. The musician will present a solo program in St. Petersburg this autumn for the first time. There is nothing better than listening to the ominous and delightful sounds of the organ at Halloween!

Price: 900-1500 rubles

Where: Petrikirche - Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

When: 1st of November


This place is a collection of something abnormal, of “freaks” or “monsters” that on Halloween night will not seem surprising. Visit the Kunstkamera to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, feel the goosebumps and get scared. This is not only unusual, but also informative.

Price: free for students

Where: University Embankment 3

Scary quest

There are a lot of frightening quests and performances with actors in Saint Petersburg. For example, you can go to “Butcher shop” or to “Freddie”. For an hour you will plunge into a story with puzzles, chilling scenery and professional actors in creepy costumes. Do gather a team of friends and experience unforgettable emotions!

The rotunda on Gorokhovaya

This place is associated with Grigory Rasputin, but he was not the only one to fall in love with this legendary house: it was rumoured that evil spirits were found there, a portal to another world was located in the basement, and at midnight you could meet the devil himself. The rotunda has incredible acoustics, so you will experience paranormal phenomena on yourself.

Price: 70 rubles

Where: Gorokhovaya 57a


You can go to the cinema for a horror movie or a cartoon about monsters. The screens will show "Addams Family", "Night of the Living Dead", "The House that Jack Built". This is a great option for those who do not want to come up with a costume but want to experience a holiday in themselves.

“The day of the Dead”

"Day of the Dead" is a holy feast when the spirits of the dead return to earth to visit the living. Only this evening, guests of the space “FREEDOM” will be able to go through an exciting quest and learn more about the unusual traditions of the holiday, having the right to explore the City of the Dead for one evening. The owner of the brightest costume will be awarded by the organizers!

Price: 600 rubles

Where: Kazanskaya 7

When: 1st of November

Text by
Yuliya Pilipchuk