10 Must Have Items You Need To Survive At HSE

There are some things you will not be able to get by without as a student, no matter what stage you are at.

10 Must Have Items You Need To Survive At HSE

Mikhail Maslov knows what things can help students during their study. He is ready to share 10 must-have things a student should have.


A good backpack is the most useful thing among the list, at least because you will carry everything else from the list in it. The backpack should be comfortable. If there is a lot of everything in it, then the straps should not put pressure on the shoulders. I recommend leather backpacks, but if you are against the use of leather, choose a denser fabric so that the bag lasts as long as possible.


Comfortable sneakers - an absolute must have for your study. You will walk hundreds of kilometers a month, so the sneakers should be lightweight, comfortable and made of quality materials.

Block notebook

I think it is obvious that you need something where you can write. Carrying several notebooks is inconvenient for several reasons:

  • you need a lot of them
  • you may forget one and get problems because of it
  • tearing out sheets of paper every time is inconvenient

Therefore, I advise you to start a block notebook in which you will have several (or even all) course subjects at once.

In addition, you can always get a sheet out of it without problems, which will help you a lot during tests.


You may need a pill from a headache or stomachache at any time, so it is necessary to have them with you.

Even if you do not need them, your classmates will be very grateful to you if you help them in difficult times.

Thermo mug or a bottle

Thermo mug in cold times with warm tea or coffee and a bottle of water or lemonade in warm times are necessary for each student to replenish the water balance. This is not only a way to avoid unnecessary expenses, because taking drinks from home is much cheaper, but also a great way to minimize your plastic waste.

Lunch box

Every student knows that sometimes you really fell hungry. So why not to take food with you? Instead of having lunch in a cafe, which is quite expensive, or eating fast food, which will not affect your health in a good way, it is better to cook a simple and healthy lunch at home and take it with you.

Ear plugs

Since you will live with a variety of different people, it is impossible to correlate plans with your neighbors, therefore ear plugs are a very necessary thing when you want to sleep, but neighbors are noisy.

Extra charger

Never forget to take a charge with you, besides it is very useful to just have a few spare wires at home, because at the right time your wire may break but you need a phone 24/7.

Table lamp

As I said before, all people are different and everyone has their own biorhythms. So a table lamp will help you to work in the dark and not to turn on the general light so as not to disturb roommates. But it is not just about the neighbors, in the winter time in Russia there is very little light, and the main light may not be enough, so take care of your eyesight and provide yourself with a comfortable place to work.


It goes without saying really. Almost all disciplines require research and essay writing so at an absolute minimum, you could get by with a laptop with simple word processing and presentation-creating capabilities, but a decent processor for swift internet access would help.

Text by
Mikhail Maslov