2,5 Months till 2020 Left: How To Set Your Goals and Effectively Reach Them

2,5 Months till 2020 Left: How To Set Your Goals and Effectively Reach Them

Students usually spend their time preparing projects for study, working, networking and participating in various activities. In such a rhythm, thinking about your personal wishes and expectations for future does not seem as something really meaningful, but it is!

A lot of modern books, conferences and public-talks suggest to pay attention to this process. Do not hesitate to create personal short-run goals, as it might have an unexpected effect on your further life (you may use following guideline while Christmas holidays, for example or create marathon of productivity till 2020).  

How to Prepare?

One of the possible ways to start writing your goals is to use special software - MindMap. This is an amazing tool for visualization This is quite useful for planning any type of your activity and such format is very convenient - after finishing you may export it in different formats (JPG, PDF). So, you can download and install it on your device - this is free and fast. Possible sources are:

Also you can create in this format by using just pen and paper! If you prefer planning in the written form it is great to have an opportunity to “touch” it.

What’s Next?

Now create a Map.

Advice: do it when you’re totally free and nobody and nothing disturbs you (you need 1 hour maximum). As a starting point place in the center your name or desirable date to reach most of the goals. Use imagination and be as creative as possible :)

In the subtopics (press +) write different main spheres of activity: health, work, education, personal growth, relationships, hobbies, etc. Remember: listen to your soul and write everything that comes to your mind. If it is too much, try to group it. Do not forget to add such subtopics as “not to forget” (these are urgent activities, which you have to do), “meetings”, “ideas” (these desires and ideas for a long-term period if you cannot implement them right now).

Which changes do you want to see in 3 months? How to develop your knowledge? How to improve skills in professional activity? To take courses or watch expert YouTube videos? These are just examples and we recommend you to inspire yourself and put some little (or serious and big) goals.

How To Follow Them and Not To Get Up?

Possible solution is here: add 1 or 2 task from the Map to your personal schedule (in a calendar or a daily planner). And when you have a free minute (for example in a transport or in a queue in a shop) – complete it or them. Simply follow this rule and in two months you would say: reaching goals is not so complicated!


Hopefully, this strategy will be useful! Good luck and remember: the larger number of goals you reach – the bigger scale it transfers to.

Text by
Anastasiia Vanchurina