Top 5 Telegram Сhannels About Studying And Working

Telegram channels that can help to find information on educational programs and internships.

Top 5 Telegram Сhannels About Studying And Working

Finding information on educational programs and internships is not easy. We found top 5 Telegram channels that can help with education and job. Moreover, there you will find many interesting articles about universitites, scholarships, educational projects, and more.

1. New directions: стажировки и волонтёрства

The channel with the best internships, scholarships and grants from around the Internet.


a hashtag is placed at the beginning of each post, which allows you to distinguish between internships, volunteering or vacancies

at the end of each post there is an active link where you can leave a request and contact employers or organizers

sometimes they post useful articles about successful presentation of yourself in front of the company

there are posts about moving to Europe, Asia and the USA with further employment

2. EDUгустация

Concept: “We are trying to understand how to make good online courses.”

EDU Online Course Publishing Channel Publishing tells you about the latest trends and research in online education, announces courses, webinars and events.

More than 300 followers.


reviews of massive open online courses

reviews and evaluation of free training programs, lectures and classes

recommendations for choosing online courses


Concept: “Learn in any incomprehensible situation”

The channel of the largest university for the training and additional training of digital specialists. A selection of the most discussed topics and the best materials on the topic.

More than 6,000 followers.


announcements of cool events, workshops, public lectures and classes

life hacks from expert practitioners (UX design, email marketing, storytelling, personnel management, performance tracking and much more)

curriculum announcements

collections of articles and books for designers, programmers, marketers, analysts and other specialists in the field of online learning

Netology jobs

4. MyOwnConference

Concept: “We are trying to understand how to make good online courses.”

More than 850 followers

The MyOwnConference webinar service channel, the authors are available to write about distance education, technology, society, webinars and online conferences.


announcements and reviews of online courses of the company

reviews of good books for the development of thinking and brain

reviews of feature films about education

weekly digest of the best articles on e-learning

announcements of significant events

5. Learning News

Concept: “For those who teach or study.”

More than 700 followers

The author’s channel by Victoria Bolotina, a pedagogical designer, a training design consultant. The main topics of the channel are e-learning, information visualization, and the brain. Subscribers will find here reviews of novelties about online education, event announcements and reports, feature articles and infographics.


techniques that simplify learning

articles about pedagogical design, cognitive load and cognitive principles

useful tips for speakers and lecturers

announcements of webinars and conferences with the participation of the author

Text by Anna Makhotkina