Session is Coming

Сampus life is back in session – you can smell it in the air. Even after months of dedication and hard work, your success or failure in class can hinge on a single, heavily weighted assignment – the finals.

Session is Coming

We hope that the tips we offer may be used like a recipe from stress and dread. There are a number of ways to improve your performance during examination period.

Tip 1. Don't panic

What is the most frightening thing? Psychologists say that it is uncertainty! Uncertainty is a factor that makes the student tremble before the session. How to cope with this problem? Find out as much as possible about what awaits you:

  • make an exam schedule – this will help to distribute the forces;
  • find out the conditions of admission to each exam;
  • learn how many exams you can fail and when the next period of retakes will take place. Let's hope you don't need this information, but having it will reduce your anxiety.

Tip 2. You never know what you can do till you try

So, in general, we coped with panic. There is a willingness to constructively address the challenges. But how, how to overcome this mass of abstracts, textbooks, scientific journals, multi-ton collections of works?!

In General, make the most specific, divided into tasks and subtasks, plan for the preparation and delivery of the session.

Tip 3. We set priorities and delegate tasks

Now imagine yourself as a President. Well, or at least the director of a large enterprise. If the time is running out, the mountain of steaks is still untouched, and teachers are already hinting at a free life outside the University walls – imagine yourself an anti-crisis Manager:

  • choose the optimal preparation strategy for each of the exams and tests;
  • rank tasks by importance (the most difficult subjects and topics for you;
  • build up a supply. Find out if you can take someone’s notes, whether it is possible to download necessary books on the Internet;
  • negotiate, make connections. Get in touch with teachers. A significant part of the problems with non-admission can be solved through negotiations.

Tip 4. Motivation

Work on your motivation. The stronger the motivation is the easier it is to prepare for the session. Determine the goals of this training for yourself.

Note that such goals as "Not to be expelled from the University", "Not to get scolding from parents" and even "Get scholarship" do not work well. Develop motivation that affects aspects of self-realization, future professional achievements. Well, something like "I'm getting ready for a session to be a cool specialist to buy a Villa in Sorrento in ten years."

Tip 5. Don't drag it out.

Join this game early! Especially because we have a rating system at our University or simply teachers are very closely watching your progress during the semester.

Even if you're a fan of the sprint preparation strategies for exams (to put it simply ready to learn Chinese over the night), plan battles as it is necessary to make in advance. After all, in addition to preparing for tests and exams, the session includes many other things. Sometimes developing tolerance to all these examinations and tests is a more difficult task than the preparation of responses.

Tip 6. Bring the brain to tone

To successfully prepare for the session and not to rattle to a neurologist, use these recommendations:

  • learn methods of mnemonics, concentration, get acquainted with the method of associations and other intellectual chips that will help you better assimilate the information;
  • create optimal working conditions for yourself. The aromas of lemon and eucalyptus help to concentrate. Order on the table improves concentration. Learn to also say a firm "no" to gadgets, social networks and other distractions;
  • optimize power. Often include in the diet of 10 products that improve brain activity;
  • sport is a great way to restore the body after intellectual stress. It provides perfect switching of operation modes;
  • don't forget to rest! Good sleep is the key to good health.

Tip 7. Don't dramatize

You can do it!  One of the problems preventing from preparing for the session is dramatization of the situation. You should not forget that the main thing in the study — not the grades and not the color of the diploma, and the knowledge and skills that you acquire in the process. They, and, of course, experience, will help you to become a professional in your business. Exams can be retaken.

Text by
Oksana Semenikhina