Which Managers Will Be in Demand in 5 Years?

On November 12, Dmitry Morozov, the President of the company "BIOCAD", discussed issues concerning business and management in the building on Kantemirovskaya St.
The lecture held in the form of discussion that allowed students to ask different questions to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Russia.

"BIOCAD" is engaged in production of medicines, pharmaceutical substances and products of genetic engineering since 2001. During its history, the company has steadily moved towards the international market. Its medicines are aimed at treating complex health conditions such as cancer, HIV and Hepatitis C infections, multiple sclerosis and other disorders. At the moment, "BIOCAD" is not only the leader in terms of sales among manufacturers of cancer drugs over the past 8 months, according to IQVIA, but also the company actively works in the international market.

Dmitry Morozov told about the company's activities and its main risks, dispelled the myths about the pharmacological market and named the main competitors in this pharmacological sphere.

Based on the title of the lecture, it is clear that the crucial position of the discussion would be the sphere of management and the characteristic of a "Successful Manager". For this reason, the lecture was interesting to students who study management. 

The speaker started the lecture with his own definition of the word "Management":

Management is a set of rules explaining how to succeed

Students asked various questions about the possible risks and losses. They were eager to hear some advices and explanations of the "game rules" in the business sphere. Dmitry answered all questions and described actual qualities for the modern manager:

Nowadays the main quality is the ability to come up with something new. We need people who are ready for monotonous and painstaking work. It’s uncomfortable to work without them. But, in my opinion, they are going down in history.

Because of technological progress, a lot of professions are gradually losing relevance. Dmitry reassured worried students and said that people with entrepreneurial character, who, in addition, offer non-standard things, will never be replaced by technical algorithms.

And finally, the President of the "BIOCAD" gave the main advice to future entrepreneurs:

Always think about the risks!

 Text by
Anna Melnichuk